Food Trails of Ireland

Ireland Food Trail
Even small pubs in Ireland have some very tasty food.


Many destinations have developed trails for travelers interested in wine, art or heritage. But some of our favorite trails are food trails where you can dive deeply into culinary culture that’s journey of its own. Ireland has a rich and exciting variety of food trails, each of which is worth pursuing on its own. Here’s a quick rundown of some of our favorites.

Burren Food Trail – Interested in learning more about Irish farming and food practices? This is the food trail for you. Following the trail you will encounter everything from taverns to farmer’s markets, goat farms to lobster bars.

Cork’s Coastal Food Trails – Cork is chock full of tasty delights. Home to the Butter Exchange (now the butter museum), coffee roasters, chocolatiers, outstanding restaurants and pubs, and the famous English Market, there is something here to please every palate.

Dingle Peninsula Food & Drink Trail – Dingle is home to fabulous food festival that gets bigger every year. This gorgeous seaside peninsula is full of dining options including fresh seafood, west Kerry lamb and beef and award-winning ice cream made right in Dingle!

Gourmet Greenway – Looking for some spectacular scenery along with delicious tastes? County Mayo provides a wonderful backdrop for this glimpse into gastronomy. Cheese, seafood, honey, baked goods, fruit and vegetables all have a role in the traditions of this area.

Taste of Kilkenny Food Trail – Designed to promote a growing local food scene the Kilkenny food trail emphasizes traditional methods, sustainable processes and quality production from a variety of participants including organic fruits, farmhouse cheeses, truffles, berries, baked goods, meats and more.

If you want to learn more about the food scene in Ireland, visit our good friends at Good Food Ireland  for loads of ideas!

THE QUICK BITE:  Ireland is a Food Travelist’s paradise, with outstanding food trails that cater to just about every taste and style.


14 thoughts on “Food Trails of Ireland

  1. Ireland is my second home!!
    It took me while to get used with Irish food (so different from Brazil’s cuisine) but now I do miss the irish food, the guinness, the tea and the lovely little pubs that invite you to eat all the time!!!
    Great tip for irish food trails!
    Nat 😀

  2. Corks Coastal looks very interesting. Does this start from Dublin? I will be there next year, this time.

    1. You can start from Dublin. But truly there are so many food trails you really need to plan your itinerary in advance so you don’t miss anything!

    1. Not everyone’s a Guiness lover. You would be surprised to learn that there’s many craft beers in Ireland of many different types. And there always Jameson!

  3. I love Ireland. I’ve been a couple of times in the last few months. You are right there are some great food destinations there

  4. I love Irish beer, especially Guinness! It’s fantastic with meat and potatoes as well as seafood – like your mussels pic there. Not surprising to see the fries. Have to get to the Emerald Isle myself one of these days. Now that I know where to eat!

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