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Join us and our sponsor AARP Member Advantages on Wednesday, September 30th for a very special #foodtravelchat at 8pm ET. We’ll be talking Best Kept Dining Secrets. We’ll all be sharing our own very special dining tips and secrets. You won’t want to miss it.

Fish & Chips at Culinary Dropout

If you haven’t joined FoodTravelChat yet, this week it’s time to join. We spend one hour talking food, travel and fun! Food Travelist and our trusty #FoodTravelChat moderators will send out 10 questions around the topic of Best Kept Dining Secrets. The chatters will then answer the questions with their own unique, information and sometimes hysterical answers.

Just log onto Twitter. Type the hashtag #foodtravelchat in the search bar. Click on the “all tweets” tab and you can follow the conversation.

You’ll see the questions and be able to answer throughout the hour. Be sure to include the number of the question and the hashtag #foodtravelchat in your answers so no one misses your tweets.

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To make the chat even more fun, we’ll be giving away a $100.0 VISA gift card to one lucky winner. Just follow @AARPMemberAdv and @FoodTravelist on Twitter and join the chat to be able to win. Winner must be in the continental United States.

Good luck and see you all on Wednesday, September 30th at 8pm for #foodtravelchat.






17 thoughts on “FoodTravelChat Best Kept Dining Secrets

  1. #FoodTravelChat sounds great…but I’ve already done one 2:00 am alarm this week, to see the lunar eclipse. Too bad for our time zone!!

  2. I have tried to join your chats before, but my schedule didn’t allow for it. Today I am home and I think I will be able to hop on! You know I love food and restaurants!

    1. Great Suzanne! Look forward to hearing your favorites.

    1. Terrific Anita. Should be a lively conversation. Looking forward to chatting with you.

  3. What fun. I love learning of other people’s dining secrets and sharing my own. I’ll check out the time difference and be there if it’s not the middle of the night in Australia!

    1. Hi Jenny! We get a lot of folks from Australia and Asia. Hope to chat with you later.

  4. I think that is 10am Australia, but is it Wednesday or Thursday. Will put it in my phone for both days and check, if I am not out having a Best Kept Dining Secret.

    1. It will be Thursday morning in Australia. Look forward to chatting with you later.

  5. I’ll bite….and I’ll tweet along this week! #foodtravelchat twitter party. I’ve got quite a few secrets. Some I”m even willing to share!

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