#FoodTravelChat Questions

#FoodTravelChat Weekly Questions

Tasty Road Trips

This week we’re talking Tasty Road Trips.  Join us at 8 pm ET Wednesday on Twitter for a fun hour chatting about food and travel.


Here are the questions:

8:05 pm ET

Q1. What is your favorite road trip food stop? #FoodTravelChat


8:10 pm ET

Q2. What’s your favorite snack to pack on a road trip? #FoodTravelChat


8:15 pm ET

Q3. If you could take a road trip with a chef which one would it be and where would you go? #FoodTravelChat


8:20 pm ET

Q4. What was the most scenic drive you ever took? #FoodTravelChat


8:25 pm ET

Q5. How long is the perfect road trip? #FoodTravelChat




8:30 pm ET

Q6. What kind of music do you like on a road trip? #FoodTravelChat


8:35 pm ET

Q7. We like to stop at wacky tourist attractions, what was the silliest thing you’ve seen while road tripping? #FoodTravelChat


8:40 pm ET

Q8. Where do think your next road trip will be? #FoodTravelChat


8:45 pm ET

Q9. What was the most memorable road trip you’ve experienced? #FoodTravelChat


8:50 pm ET

Q10. Create your very own dream foodie road trip—where would you go, what stops would you make, and what would you taste? #FoodTravelChat



If you want to learn more about Twitter chats and how to participate check out our post Join Us For #FoodTravelChat.

Our #FoodTravelChat community is fun and welcoming. We love it when new people join the group. We hope you join us this Wednesday night!