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This week we’ll be talking Food Travel Adventures, with our sponsor @VisitKenosha, Wednesday night at 8 pm ET. Plus Visit Kenosha will be giving away 2 Gift Baskets filled with Wisconsin cheese! Just join the chat and follow them on Twitter for a chance to win.

Take notes, bookmark, and save all the ideas for your next food travel adventures.




Here are this week’s questions:

8:05 pm Q1. Where did you have your last food travel adventure? Photos please! #foodtravelchat

8:10 pm Q2. Food travel adventures can be fancy or casual. Which do you prefer? #foodtravelchat

8:15 pm Q3. Where was the best scenic view you had during a food travel adventure? #foodtravelchat

8:20 pm Q4. Having a food travel adventure can make you thirsty. What drinks do you bring along on for the adventure? #foodtravelchat

8:25 pm Q5. Eating outside is one way to have a tasty adventure. Share your favorite picnic or outdoor meal. Share a photo if you have one. #foodtravelchat

8:30 pm Q6. What shop makes goodies that you want to take with you on a food travel adventure? #foodtravelchat

8:35 pm Q7. What element is a “must-have” for your food travel adventure? #foodtravelchat

8:40 pm Q8. No food travel adventure is complete without a finishing touch. What dessert would you have on your food travel adventure? #foodtravelchat

8:45 pm Q9. Many hotels and resorts have adventurous food experience packages. Share one that you’ve done or would like to experience. #foodtravelchat

8:50 pm Q10. Tell us about your fantasy food travel adventure. Where would it be and what would you eat & drink? #foodtravelchat

See you on Wednesday night at 8 pm ET. Read more on why and how to participate below.

Why Should I Participate in #FoodTravelChat

If you love food and travel you will meet many like-minded people on #FoodTravelChat. You’ll find that the folks that participate on the chat are kind and willing to help you out. Especially if you’re a newbie! You’ll meet other people who travel, write about travel, are from travel destinations all looking for their next great meal. Plus, you’ll find more Twitter accounts to follow and more people will follow you. Win. Win.

How Does A Twitter Chat Work?

Every Wednesday night at 8 pm ET/7pm CT/5pm PT we gather on Twitter for an hour under the hashtag #foodtravelchat to chat about all things Food Travel.

Haven’t participated in a Twitter Chat? No worries. It’s super simple. Just log onto your Twitter account and type in the hashtag #foodtravelchat in the search bar. You’ll see all the tweets that have been sent with the #foodtravelchat hashtag.

It’s a wonderful way to be part of the food travel community on Twitter. Follow other chatters, our moderators and sponsors so you can follow their tweets all week long.

When we begin at 8 pm ET/7pm CT/5pm PT we’ll start asking questions. It will look like this:

Then tweeps that are participating will answer the questions something like this:

We will have 10 questions for the hour, giving about 6 minutes for each question. Have fun, be silly – it’s all about learning and sharing during #foodtravelchat. 

Pro Tip: When Tweeting sharing photos, videos and GIFS will make it much more likely that people will engage with your tweet.

Be sure to include the answer number and the hashtag #foodtravelchat with your answer, otherwise, we won’t find your tweet.

If you have trouble keeping up (the thread goes really fast) with the thread you can try using Tweet Chat which lets you pause the feed so you can answer any notifications you have and not miss a thing.

If we miss one of your tweets during the chat please feel free to tag us by adding @FoodTravelChat or @FoodTravelist to your tweet or “whos in photo” tag.

If you’d like a reminder about the chat, we’re happy to include you on our reminder list. Just send us a tweet at @FoodTravelChat saying remind me with the hashtag #foodtravelchat.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #FoodTravelChat to be sure your tweet is visible to everyone on the chat. We’ll be sure to check it out and share it with the chatters. We look forward to chatting with you!


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