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Do you like chocolate? Do you like pistachios? Then you’re gonna love these great tasting Damak chocolate bars. If you’ve traveled to Turkey you might have already experienced Damak. It’s a premium Turkish chocolate brand with an 80 year-old history. Nestlé USA is now bringing the Damak bar to the United States.

Nestle Damak Chocolate with Pistachios
Delicious Nestle Damak Chocolate with Pistachios


“Damak chocolate bars are a bold and exotic combination of smooth chocolate and flavorful pistachios, which creates a delightful experience,” says Shelly Lofino, Brand Development Manager for Damak at Nestlé USA. “The brand is rich in heritage and offers a one-of-a-kind taste that must be sampled to truly appreciate. As a global leader in the confectionary category, Nestlé is proud to share this hallmark brand from our international portfolio with chocolate lovers in the U.S.” Damak is available in two varieties, creamy fine chocolate and rich dark silky chocolate bar. Both are brimming with buttery, crunchy pistachios.  These tasty bars contain no artificial flavors or colors.


Nestle Damak Dark Chocolate with Pistachios Great Tasting Damak
Nestle Damak Dark Chocolate with Pistachios


Pronounced “dih-mok” the name is Turkish for “great taste.” The pistachios are sourced from the Gaziantep region in Turkey, which provides the ideal climate for these tasty little nuts.

Pistachios and chocolate together make a delicious and healthy combination. Pistachios are high in phytosterols and about 90 per cent unsaturated fat, which for those of us keeping track is the good fat that also adds to the rich flavor and makes it a satisfying travel snack. The chocolate and the nuts also contain many antioxidants, fiber and vitamins making them terrific for the heart and body. And did we mention they really, really taste good? 

Nestlé USA is also doing good and giving back. They want to help make an impact on the lives and livelihoods of the farmers growing the premium pistachios in Turkey. Nestlé USA has earmarked $1 million to fund training in the latest and most efficient agricultural engineering techniques to improve and increase harvests and to improve the well-being of the renowned Gaziantep growing region in Turkey.

Nestlé Damak chocolate bars are available at select retailers nationwide at a suggested retail price of $2.49. You can learn more about great tasting Damak at They’ll definitely be in our bags on our next trip.

Thank you to Nestlé Damak for providing us with samples to try. We were not financially compensated and as always all opinions are our own and based on our experience.

THE QUICK BITE: If you’re looking for a healthy, filling, perfect travel snack try great tasting Nestlé Damak bars. Their chocolate filled with crunchy, buttery pistachios will have you dreaming of Turkey.



17 thoughts on “Great Tasting Damak

  1. I am a great chcolate lover… Especially dark chocolate. Now I am craving for this

  2. I can never, ever say no to dark chocolate. Although I’ve never had them with pistachios, I know I definitely must now!

  3. This looks amazing. My biggest weakness is my love for good chocolate. Especially milk chocolate. This is my first time visiting your blog and I’m so happy I discovered it!

  4. OK…now you have me wanting to go to Turkey even more! These look delicious–I’ve been obsessed with pistachios lately. Glad they are coming to the US–I will have to be sure to keep an eye out for them!

  5. Nice to hear that Nestle is giving back and working to provide business for the traditional ways. It would be interesting to try Damak.

  6. This looks really yummy. Now I am going to have to hunt these or just melt my favorite chocolate bar and add pistachios.

  7. I love chocolate and pistachios! I’ve never had them together before, but I can’t see how it could be a bad thing. I hope they keep the same Turkish formula for the US market instead of changing it like Hersheys and Cadbury did.

  8. Yes and yes to your first two questions. I love that the US is branching out and bringing in more chocolate products from all over the world. They recently introduced Australian chocolate Tim Tams to their stores and now Damak. Will have to head out and buy to try!

  9. They do look like a good travel snack to have on hand. I’m always looking for things to take with us that we can just grab a bite of when fatigue or hunger sets in. I love pistachios too.

  10. I LOVE chocolate, haha. I never really thought of trying pistachios with chocolate! I’m sure if I didn’t read this post and first find out about this when visiting Turkey, I’d be curious haha. It looks really good!

  11. Love chocolate and love pistachios. So Damak puts them successfuly together! I have to look for them here in the US!

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