Luxury Train Ride To St. Louis Union Station Hotel

Thank you the Explore St. Louis and St. Louis Union Station Hotel for hosting my recent visit. All opinions we provide are our unique views and reflect our experiences. We pledge to provide our audience with truthful and honest reviews.


Meet me in St. Louis. It may be a familiar refrain for those of us who have seen the movie (who can forget the Trolley Song, or Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas?). St. Louis is a short trip from Chicago and I’ve made the drive on several road trips. But I have to admit that although it’s fun to stop in Springfield for the original corn dog at the Cozy Dog Drive In driving through Illinois can be quite a slog. Flatlands full of a cornfield after cornfield. Trucks whirring along. Best to have a really good audio book or playlist as your companion on this part of Route 66.

Cozy Dog Drive In Springfield IL
The original corn dog at Cozy Dog Drive In Springfield IL


Another way to travel to St. Louis in comfort is aboard the Silver Chalet Pullman car. Although the six-hour ride is considerably longer than a direct flight the experience will be one that you won’t soon forget. It’s like going back in time. Relaxing, sipping a tea or coffee, watching the small towns with their train stations and steeples go by. There’s something very civilized and reminiscent about it.

Dreary Turns To Cheery 

A rain had come through just as I left the house for the train station. In fact, the neighbors’ large tree fell onto our roof and fence as I walked out the door. Thankfully, no one was hurt although our fence was completely down and our gutter was dented. Fortunately, the fence took the most direct hit saving the roof and house. Needless to say, I was not having a good start to my day. When we pulled out of Union Station in Chicago in the three-car Silver Chalet Pullman train the clouds seemed to part to say relax, this trip is just what you need. Off we go heading to St. Louis and the St. Louis Union Station Hotel.

The hotel is part of the Curio Collection by Hilton so you know that your experience at this grand hotel is going to be something a bit special.


Leaving Union Station
Leaving Union Station


Let The Eating Begin

As I sipped my tea in the club car I was told to go check out the train’s breakfast buffet. Have you ever known me to not go and at least look at the food that was offered? Of course not. I was delightfully surprised to see fresh croissants, bagels, sweet rolls, fruit, yogurt and more on full display in the dining car.

Breakfast buffet on the Union Station Hotel Train
Breakfast buffet on the Union Station Hotel Train


The star of the train’s breakfast buffet was the candied bacon. How could anyone say no to just one, maybe two little pieces? We were off to a great start.  All the food onboard the train was prepared by the Union Station Hotel chefs. It was then fitting that our final destination the St. Louis Union Station Hotel itself.

Candied Bacon
Candied Bacon


As we watched the miles go by our small group chit-chatted and enjoyed the view. The club car was comfortable and provided a fun glass dome view.


Silver Chalet Dome
Silver Chalet Dome. Photo courtesy of the St. Louis Union Station Hotel


Our club car also had a platform in the back allowing us to take photos and feel like we were on one of those whistle-stop political tours of years gone by.


Outdoor Platform on the Silver Chalet
Outdoor Platform on the Silver Chalet


Silver Chalet Exterior
Silver Chalet Exterior photo courtesy of St. Louis Union Station Hotel.


Sue On The Train To St. Louis


Sit Back & Relax

As the miles flew by, it was soon time for lunch. We were treated to delicious sandwiches, salads, and housemade potato chips. Beautiful fresh flowers also brightened the mood. Yellow roses always make me feel like smiling.


Lunch on board the Silver Chalet
Lunch on board the Silver Chalet


Of course, lunch would not be complete with dessert. We had so many choices: macarons, pastries, truffles. Right about now a nap would have been perfect.

Truffles on the Train
Truffles on the Train


St. Louis Beer Tour

Now for some serious education. We were lucky to have on board “Beer Tony” Tony Caradonna, one of our hosts that works for the famed Cardinal’s Ballpark Village in St. Louis. Tony’s job was to give us the 411 on the St. Louis craft beer scene. We sampled four local brews along with some house-made cheesy pretzels. About this point I’m thinking, “Do we ever have to get off this train? There’s a whole car with private sleeping areas, right?”

Beer Tasting on Train from Chicago to STL
Beer Tasting on Train from Chicago to STL


Soon we were nearer to St. Louis and saw the Arch getting closer and closer. We were getting excited to arrive at the St. Louis Union Station Hotel and start our adventures.


Arriving in St. Louis
Arriving in St. Louis


You’ve Arrived

This historic former train station and hotel are listed among the Historic Hotels of America. You will think you’ve been transported to another time and place when you see the carefully crafted architecture of the hotel. You can almost hear the people bustling to and from to catch their trains.

The Union Station Hotel is also home to the former St. Louis Union Station renowned as a hub for the busy Midwest. Today the hotel that hosted everyday travelers and luminaries alike still shines with its historical features but adds the comfort and modern day amenities the weary road warrior has come to expect.


The grand Union Station Hotel
The grand Union Station Hotel. Photo courtesy of St. Louis Union Station Hotel.


Walking into the Grand Hall at the St. Louis Union Station Hotel is a jaw-dropping experience. Recently restored in 2014 its detailed frescoes and gold leaf detail will draw you into its beauty. Take the time to really appreciate the many mosaics and decorative glass windows.


The Grand Hall at the Union Station Hotel St. Louis
The Grand Hall at the Union Station Hotel St. Louis


The best way to take it all in is by having a comfy seat and ordering a cocktail at the bar. Once settled in you can take time to enjoy every detail around you.

Moscow Mule in the Grand Hall at the Union Station Hotel
Moscow Mule in the Grand Hall at the Union Station Hotel


Watch The Show

Order a few appetizers and sit back and wait for the light show to begin.

shrimp cocktail at the Union Station Hotel in St. Louis
Shrimp cocktail at the Union Station Hotel in St. Louis


Light show? Yes. Prepare to hear the oohs and ahhs that happen every hour the 3D mapping immersive light show is projected on the 65-foot high ceiling across the entire Grand Hall. There’s literally no bad seat to watch this show and accompanying music.

Light show at the Union Station Hotel in St. Louis
Light show at the Union Station Hotel in St. Louis


Check out the short video below for the full Grand Hall Light experience.



Spacious & Comfortable Rooms 

With all the excitement of the day, it was time to check out our rooms at the Union Station Hotel. One word – luxurious, describes the wonderfully appointed Executive rooms that are beautifully decorated with warm welcoming colors, crown moldings and historic railroad photos make the perfect finishing touches. The large bathroom had a stand-alone shower and fine Crabtree and Evelyn toiletries to complete this place I would call home for a few nights. The bed was plush and comfy with lots of pillows to relax and watch the large 42-inch TV. There’s a separate seating area with two chairs,  a table, a desk with ergonomic chair and all the hook-ups you need to get work done comfortably.


Interior Hotel Room at Union Station Hotel St. Louis
Interior Hotel Room at Union Station Hotel St. Louis


My welcome basket was full of St. Louis favorites. I have to say everything was delicious but that chocolate dipped “Dad’s Original Scotch Oatmeal Cookie” was my absolute favorite!!


St. Louis Snacks
St. Louis Snacks


Start The Day The Way You Like

After a good night’s sleep it was up and at ’em for breakfast. If you stay in an Executive room you’ll have access to the 3rd floor Concierge Lounge. Here you can enjoy a hot breakfast buffet in the morning and hot appetizers in the evening.

I treated myself to a flaky croissant and fresh fruit one morning. I love the way they carry the train transportation theme throughout the hotel.


Breakfast at the Union Station Hotel
Breakfast at the Union Station Hotel


If you’re looking for something just a bit different. Head down to the Station Grille. The curved comfortable booths will take you back in time to when the restaurant was named Fred Harvey’s. Mr. Harvey changed the way passengers dined by letting them wire ahead their order and when they arrived they sat down and enjoyed a hot meal. They could then easily get back on their train and continue on to their final destination with a full belly. The “Fred Harvey Girls,” as the female servers were called back then, were legendary for their great customer service and Midwestern charm.


Station Grille in the Union Station Hotel St. Louis
Station Grille in the Union Station Hotel St. Louis


Whether you’re looking for a healthy way to start your day or something more decadent they have a full breakfast menu as well as lunch and dinner too.


Smoothies at the Union Station Hotel St. Louis
Smoothies at the Union Station Hotel St. Louis


Eggs Benedict at the Union Station Hotel restaurant
Eggs Benedict at the Union Station Hotel restaurant


Something For Everyone

The hotel also features the Grand Hall Market that features a 20s-themed Starbucks, gift shop, and snack stand. Be sure to check out the model train set. It will bring back lots of memories of those train sets we used to set up as kids.

The hotel has a complete fitness room and outdoor swimming pool to keep you fit and relaxed during your travels.

Outdoor pool at the Union Station Hotel in St. Louis
Outdoor pool at the Union Station Hotel in St. Louis. Photo courtesy of St. Louis Union Station Hotel.


Plan Your Stay

The St. Louis Union Station Hotel is a must see and must stay destination while in St. Louis. To arrange a stay check out their website at

To learn more about booking a Pullman Train ride into the St. Louis Union Station visit

Just in time for the holidays! There’s also the Polar Express Train ride where families can embark on a magical train ride and experience the fun of The Polar Express. It’s a 45-minute journey that leaves from St. Louis Union station on a ride with songs, cheer and ends with Santa Claus and his magical reindeer waiting at the end of the line. You can find more details about the rides, hotel packages and purchase tickets at

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  1. Truffles on the train would be a good title for a book. Missouri is one of the four states I have left to visit.

  2. This sounds like such an amazing trip. Definitely adding it to the list for a great way to get from Chicago to St. Louis!

  3. What an incredible time!! I have never been to St Louis, but this looks so amazing! It definitely seems like there is so much to do. I love cities like that! I definitely will add it to my list – I have a list of cities I just have to see! So much fun!

  4. wow, that train looks amazing. We have a thing for train travel, we try to do it everywhere we go!

  5. Your post reminds me so much of my Granny. Every year she took the train from Phoenix to Iowa and stayed with our family for a few months. Her name was Goldie and it just so happened that her best friend was also named Goldie. They had the best stories from their train rides together, although Granny’s only complaint was she had to carry her bags! x

  6. Fabulous – I always enjoy train journeys and old railway stations. I’ve only ever done short trips while I’ve been in the US but I’d love to try one of the epic trips like the Pullman to St Louis.

  7. I love this story about your luxury train trip to St. Louis. I’m getting hungry reading about all the fab food, especially the candied bacon and shrimp cocktail. Yum.

  8. What a fun trip! My kids love going on the train rides here in Denver. I hope that we can visit St. Louis one day and do this. Train trips are so much fun, especially when you can dine while traveling. Such a treat.

  9. One of my best childhood memories with my dad was on a train ride. It was not a luxury one, that does sound fantastic and I have to do that one of these days but it was a regular train ride into the city for work. We enjoyed traveling together from Jersey to NY and whenever I got to tag along, it made for some fun memories that I still cherish today.

  10. Well, now I need to go back to St Louis. I had zero root beer when I was there. Not even a drop. It’s my favorite drink, too! Also the train ride? PERFECT. I think we can all use a little time to DO less and enjoy the scenery more.

    1. Hi Brett!! Yes, you need to try that root beer, it’s excellent!! Taking the time and savoring food and travel is really what life is all about.

  11. I would love to ride on a train like that, it’s gorgeous! The views, the food, everything, just absolutely amazing. I’ve been to St. Louis a couple of times. My husband’s family lives in Indiana, but when we fly out to visit we fly into St. Louis. My favorite thing is the park, with that amazing free zoo.

  12. Oh my goodness. Of course, being pregnant all I am drooling over right now is the food. It all looks so amazing! I’d love to do something like this on a train. What fun!

  13. You may not believe this with all the amazing adventures in the world one could go on but ….THIS is my ultimate getaway adventure! I am sending a link to this post to my husband as a hint!

  14. This looks like an amazing experience. Very luxuriance . I love all of your photos. The food looks so good, I can always taste it.

  15. Would love to do a train trip. The food before, during and after would be the bonus! One of the things that makes the trip is that Silver chalet dome especially on a nice day. Love the look of the Union Station Hotel as well. Such beautiful architecture.

  16. This looks AMAZING! I wish we had train options like this in Toronto. I’d leave the car home more often between cities.

  17. wow what a luxury train and that food! I was sold just on that before you arrived at the boutique hotel – I love the Curio collection as its changed my perception of Hilton
    the photos made me hungry and the trip made me rethink St Louis

    1. Hi Suzanne, be sure to check out our other posts on St. Louis. There is so much to do, see and eat. Don’t miss the free Shakespeare in the Park performances during summer in Forest Park. The park features the St. Louis Zoo, Art Museum, Missouri History Museum, Science Center and the Muny Theater. The park is the cities legacy of the 1904 World’s Fair.

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