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If you’re looking for new places to explore through food travel Mazatlan should be on the top of your list. Located on the Pacific Ocean, Mazatlan is ideally located for North Americans looking for a warm sunny friendly destination. What most people won’t know about Mazatlan is that is not only a thriving seaport but also rich in agriculture. More than 30% of all the food consumed in Mexican is sourced from Mazatlan.

What does this mean to folks traveling to Mazatlan? The city is rich in fresh fish and produce for local chefs and restaurants.  While you’re lounging on the beach enjoying those fresh oysters or frozen strawberry margarita you know your ingredients are fresh and local.

Mazatlan Seafood

Saying seafood is plentiful here is an understatement. Every thing is available. The shrimp in Mazatlan is plentiful and come in all sizes. Octopus and oysters are also available just about everywhere you go.

Shrimp Galore in Mazatlan
Shrimp Galore in Mazatlan


If you want to get really, really fresh oysters take a stroll down to the oceanside Malecon that goes on for miles and you’ll find locals that will dive for oysters that you can eat right there on the beach.


Fresh Oysters on the Mazatlan Malecon Culinary Roots
Fresh Oysters on the Mazatlan Malecon


While you’re there you can browse the little souvenir shops along the way or check out the brave cliff divers as they time their dives to the ever- changing tides.


Cliff Diving in Mazatlan
Cliff Diving in Mazatlan


If you love markets don’t miss the Mercado Municipal officially known as the Pino Suarez Municipal Market. Located in central downtown this market reminded me of the many markets I have visited Europe and Asia. First off, it’s huge with over 100 vendors. There’s every kind of food – fresh fish, seafood, meats, spices, fruits, vegetables, baked goods, juices and many food counters with fresh made food creations.

Markets and Shopping

Local Market in Mazatlan
Local Market Treats in Mazatlan


The market also has plenty of souvenir hawkers from whom you can buy clothing and handmade crafts. It can get pretty busy so be prepared for crowds and get there early if you’re shopping for food. The good stuff goes fast!

Fresh Juices and Drinks
Fresh Juices and Drinks


If you’re looking for a place to stay that also has delicious food check out El Cid Resorts. With several properties on the beach front you’ll find one just right for you. They have all-inclusive packages with many options to eat at the many property restaurants. From Mexican to Italian it will be difficult to eat your way through it all.

Seafood at the El Cid Resort
Seafood at the El Cid Resort


Quenching Your Thirst

While visiting Mazatlan you’re sure to work up a thirst whether you’re just sitting by a pool or taking advantage of the many activities. Although you may have had Pacifico beer before you might not know that Pacifico originated and is brewed in Mazatlan. Oddly enough, German immigrants were among the first to settle in this area and helped develop Mazatlan into the commercial seaport it is today. It makes perfect sense that they would also open a brewery. Cerveza Pacifico is a pilsner style beer that’s super refreshing and light. If you look closely at the label you’ll see Mazatlan’s port lighthouse hill inside the life saver icon.

Cerveza Pacifico
Cerveza Pacifico


Another interesting local beverage is Onilikan Mango Liqueur. You can visit their shop to learn how 10 semi-retired Canadians who loved the area decided to open a distillery not only to create products from locally grown ingredients but to also help contribute to the community. Using mangoes and blue agave they create liqueurs and spirits. Stop in and taste test their mango liqueur, mango gin, Mexican Triple Sec and Agave Aguardiente Spirits.


Onilikan Mango Liquer Mazatlan
Onilikan Mango Liqueur Mazatlan


Lot of Great Food Choices  

If you’re looking for authentic casual Mexican food check out Los Pancho’s Restaurant with several locations around Mazatlan you’re bound to find one when you visit. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner this spot has a wide menu with choices to make everyone happy. Their breakfasts are plentiful and there are many fresh squeezed fruit juice options. It’s up to you if you want to add a shot of tequila and make it an eye-opening morning. I had the chilaquiles with the traditional dried spiced meat machaca.

Chilaquiles at Los Panchos Mazatlan
Chilaquiles at Los Panchos


Try Fresco Restaurante, which is Chef Marino Maganda’s friendly casual spot in town. Freshly made ceviche, dishes of oysters, mussels are all tasty made with a twist. The menu also has a rib-eye sandwich, spaghetti, an Udon noodle dish and if you want to try something different opt for the beef tongue tacos made with pork cracklings and pickled cabbage.


Oysters at Fresco in Mazatlan
Oysters at Fresco in Mazatlan


One of my favorite spots in Mazatlan was Hector’s Bistro. I love everything French so when I learned about a bistro in Mexico I had to see it for myself. This place really feels like a French bistro. When you can order a French 75 and pâté you know I’m at home. One of my dining companions ordered some gorgeous lamb chops, and the fish of the day also was marvelous. This little gem was an unexpected discovery I a wonderful way. Stop in for lunch or dinner.


Hectors Bistro Pate Mazatlan
Hectors Bistro Pate Mazatlan


Upscale Dining Too

Another spot I really enjoyed was Life en Español. This spot operates as a night club and restaurant. If you get there when it first opens it’s quiet and conversation-friendly. The place gets really rocking late at night with music and dancing. Let’s talk about the food. They are serving some really interesting interpretations of traditional dishes.

Beet Carpazzio Life en Espanol Mazatlan
Beet Carpaccio Life en Espanol Mazatlan


The octopus tacos were by far one of my favorites. I found it easy to inhale these three little lightly breaded and deep fried tacos in no time. They are also well-known for their pork shank and shrimp but be sure to save room for the fresh made churros. Served with a choice of dipping sauces this sweet treat alone is worth coming back to enjoy again.

Octopus Tacos Life en Espanol Mazatlan
Octopus Tacos Life en Espanol Mazatlan


The other Chef Maganda restaurant we visited was Casa 46. This upscale spot is located on the Plaza Machado. Here you’ll be treated to top-notch service and a relaxing gorgeous meal in beautifully designed rooms. Attention is paid to every detail.

Casa 46 Cocktails
Casa 46 Cocktails


Well composed and plated local food is elevated to make even the most discerning gourmet happy at Casa 46. Chef Maganda creates, as he says, “a mixture of tradition and evolution of traditional flavors. All the ingredients for each dish are a clear example of their interdependence, where each one on its own may be simple, but when we put them all together, they truly make a difference.”

Casa 46 Mazatlan Food Travelist
Casa 46 Mazatlan


The next time you’re looking for a new spot to visit in Mexico put Mazatlan on top of your Food Travelist list. You’ll be sure to find many delicious ways to explore this diverse culinary destination.

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16 thoughts on “Mazatlan Food Lovers Paradise

  1. Best food in Mazatlan is it Casa Loma and ponchos. We’ve been going there since 1969 and they are both reputable people wonderful places to eat

  2. I LOVE my city….we have so much to offer! Great beaches, a Malecon (boardwalk) that stretches forever, wonderful tours and culture, local people that open their hearts and homes to us and the very best food in Mexico…Mazatlan is even famous for its seafood within Mexico….and then there’s our WORLD FAMOUS Sunsets….Mazatlan is a MUST see….you will fall in love!

  3. I’ve never heard of Mazatlan before but it combines the coast and seafood! Perfect for a foodie traveller <3

  4. Wow!! Talk about fantastic food offerings!! Mazatlan looks amazing. I really enjoyed reading about all the food and beverage options there.

  5. Oh wow, this is the first time that I’ve heard of this place and it’s surely now on my radar! After all, I looooove seafood so this is a destination I will surely love. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  6. I totally agree with you about the fresh seafood of Mazatlan. I am quite sure that the best shrimp I’ve ever had was the shrimp we ate right off the fishing boat in Mazatlan.

  7. You have seriously made me so hungry right now. I love seafood and shrimp is my all time favorite thing to add to a dish. Everything looks so fresh and I love that you can eat and have that beautiful ocean view. I’m not sure what you have in that photograph for the local market treats in Mazatlan, but they look amazing!!!

  8. I’ve been thinking about planning a trip to Mexico, so I’ll have to add Mazatlan to the list of possible places. I love Mexican food and it looks as if there’s plenty of variety to choose from there.

  9. I dont think I ever had mazatlan specific food. I see the shrimp galore and falling in love. Thanks for showcasing so much foodie seafood in this post!

  10. OMG with the amount of seafood and liquor options, I have no clue if I’d gain or lose weight! I think I’d like to try those octopus tacos. You had me at the shrimp and oysters though. I’ve actually been wanting Oysters Rockefeller for quite some time now. Guess I’ll be going this week to substitute for Mazatlan food!

  11. WOW, each one of these dishes look interesting. My family and I love seafood so these places would be just perfect for us to dine at. Now as for cliff diving, nawl…I’ll pass, beautiful picture though LOL!

  12. Oh my gosh, that shot of someone jumping into the water is very freaky! All the fresh seafood and those juices look so tasty. Mazatlan looks like a great place to visit for all the beautiful views and food.

  13. I’m so thrilled to see Casa 46 as one of your recommended spots to eat. I met with Chef Marino Maganda while working on the Pacific Coast chapter of Lonely Planet’s upcoming Mexico From the Source cookbook and he generously included a recipe. Casa 46 offers a truly inspiring menu and chef is a leader in the Mexico’s gastronomy scene. I also highly recommend trying the machaca at Casa Lucila – also in the historic zone. Thanks for the recommendation on Fresco Restaurante – will definitely try it on my next visit!,

  14. Wow! These all look so fresh and beautiful! Oooh! I’m so jealous! I am an absolute lover of seafood and all of this looks amazing! Cliff diving looks a little scary but fun! Eek! I can’t imagine doing it though. Looks like there’s definitely plenty to do!

  15. This looks right up my alley! When I moved to Europe, I totally underestimated how much I’d miss having such easy access to Mexico and the Caribbean. Sure, I can fly to London or Rome for the weekend, but it’s not the same. I just LOVE Mexico!

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