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We’ve all dealt with the sad state of typical grocery store tomatoes. They’re a shadow of what could be, especially if you live somewhere that gets cold in the winter. Well, if you live in certain parts of the Midwest like we do, you’re in for a mighty good surprise. It’s a company called MightyVine.  They are growing tomatoes in a glass house that are some of the reddest, ripest, tastiest tomatoes we’ve ever had.

Mighty Vine Tomatoes
MightyVine Tomatoes


We were very excited to learn that there was somewhere local, just 80 miles from Chicago in Rochelle, Illinois that is really thoughtful about growing great tomatoes. From saving energy to providing fresh fruit that’s on its way to you as soon as it’s picked and more. We took a tour of the facility, which is available to anyone. We learned a lot about growing tomatoes, passion, sustainability, and more.

Diana and Sue at Mighty Vine
Diana and Sue at MightyVine


Premium Glasshouse Tomatoes

Learning from the Netherlands that you can grow tomatoes year-round in a climate-controlled greenhouse, MightyVine partnered with Royal Pride Holland, a Dutch company that is focused on outstanding taste with plants that deliver the most delicious tomatoes, and ones you won’t find anywhere else in the U.S. MightyVine grows about 5 different types of tomatoes at a time, consisting of tomatoes on the vine in regular slicing and cherry sizes. They experiment from time to time adding different types as well to see what may make a new and welcome addition.

Mighty Vine Rows and Rows of Tomatoes
MightyVine Rows and Rows of Tomatoes


MightyVine is Really Buzzing

We also learned a few new things from MightyVine, which uses hydroponics to grow the tomatoes without soil in a super clean and minimum waste environment. One intriguing practice they have is to use bumble bees for pollinating. They tried a variety of bees and found that even more than honey bees, the busy bumbles worked the best to keep things humming, so to speak.

Mighty Vine Bee Hives
MightyVine Bee Hives


Because the vines are grown in a volcanic medium and not soil, the products cannot be “officially” called organic. Even so, they are impeccably nourished and nurtured in a way that you literally can see and taste. The tomatoes are bright red and firm, beautiful fruit. Workers train the vines to grow horizontally, like a grapevine, and they are held up at the top by strings so that the fruit all ripens at the midsection making it easy to harvest along the long corridors of vines.  Also, the lifespan of these fruit-bearing vines is about 10-12 months, so the smart folks at MightyVine make sure that they introduce new vines as old ones are expiring, ensuring their ability to deliver a continuing stream of ripening fruit as long as they want.


Tomato Clusters at Mighty Vine
Tomato Clusters at MightyVine


Timing is Everything

In addition to the incredible sustainability and purity of production, the MightyVine tomatoes are exceptional because rather than being picked prior to ripening to allow for shipping time, the tomatoes are allowed to ripen fully on the vine and can make it to your plate without traveling untold distances. So rather than getting a tomato that may have less than a week left before it turns to mush, you will get the tomatoes at the peak of freshness and be able to enjoy them for about 2 weeks from your purchase.


MightyVine Tomatoes
MightyVine Tomatoes


Mighty Vines Box of Tomatoes
MightyVines Box of Tomatoes


The team at MightyVine is a passionate bunch. They have done their homework on what makes a sustainable growing environment.  Which tomatoes are the tastiest and what does it mean to really produce quality local foods. As far as we’re concerned, they’ve hit a home run on all counts. But, we’re not alone. The chefs, grocers and home cooks have spoken – MightyVine is increasing their capacity to meet the incredible demand of restaurants and grocery stores in the area. They’ll be doubling their production, which is now more than 10,000 pounds a week.


Packing Line at MightyVine
Packing Line at MightyVine


MightyVine Tomatoes Make Every Recipe Better

We had the opportunity to take home some of the tomatoes to give them a try for ourselves. We made everything from Greek salad (tomato and cucumbers) to Italian marinara. And, trust us, you can taste the difference. If you’re looking for a great tomato for your BLT, these are the ones. In fact, when we were off to travel we left the few remaining tomatoes to our neighbor.  She promptly informed us how much she already loved them and looked for them in the local markets.

Gyros with MightyVine
Gyros with MightyVine



BLT Sandwich with MightyVine Tomatoes
BLT Sandwich with MightyVine Tomatoes


So, it’s nice to see that staying local doesn’t have to mean staying small. MightyVine is an example of how great thinking, passion and hard work lead to superior produce that can be in high demand even though it serves only a limited area. If you happen to be in that area, though, you’re in luck. Getting beautiful red, ripe delicious fresh tomatoes during the depths of a Chicago winter is certainly worth celebrating. And, we plan to do so for all the Midwestern winters to come.

You can learn more about Mighty Vine and find out where to buy them and information on touring their facility at MightyVine.com.


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31 thoughts on “MightyVine is Mighty Good

  1. Excellent tomatoes. Husband and I are on our 4th box. We live in Illinois and just went past Rochelle, Il 4 weeks ago. Thank you, Costco for carrying. Price VERY reasonable. Don’t know how Mighty Vine does it.

      1. Hi, I want to know that who is the point of contact for this company. I tried calling the main line but no one is answering. Are you guys operational and is Gary Lazarski the Founder of company.

  2. I always think I don’t really like tomatoes until I accidentally get a good one, like sometimes in peak growing season in New Jersey. I wonder if there are Mighty Vine equivalents out our way in or around Philly. Did you try a Caprese salad with Mighty Vine tomatoes. I bet it would be a wonderful taste treat. They’re pretty too!

    1. We did and it was wonderful! Tomatoes with no flavor just aren’t worth eating.

  3. Those tomatoes look amazing! I always look forward to tomato season. Hope those beauties make their way to New York!

    1. You can really taste the care that they put into every tomato. Thanks for stopping by Irene.

  4. First, love the hair nets on both of you! Seems a shame that they can’t be called organic. They look fabulous and you’re right. Most of the tomatoes in the grocery store are tasteless and certainly unripe. Good quality produce much the “dining” experience so much more enjoyable.

    1. Hi Janice! I know, I was going to keep the hair net to use later but thought better of it! These tomatoes are top-shelf hope you get to try them some day.

  5. Ive never heard of growing tomatoes without soil, how intriguing! I really like their progressive but environmentally conscious ways! Oh and those tomatoes look super!

    1. Hi Danielle! They are truly amazing and very, very tasty!

  6. I used to despise tomatoes as a kid….now I eat them like apples and my body just craves them sometimes. Do they ship to other parts of the USA? They look simply delish.

    1. Hi Mike! Unfortunately, they don’t. They want their customers to receive the freshest best-tasting tomatoes. Shopping too far won’t allow for that. Not yet anyway!

  7. What would life be like without tomatoes. They are just do darn good. Ive never heard of glass house tomatoes, but this really opened my eyes. Its often so easy to forget how much work goes into producing the foods that we eat. Thank you so much for sharing!

  8. Awe, I’d love to tour Mightyvine I enjoy tomatoes on a nearly daily basis. I love that they have taken their passion and hard work to produce tomatoes. If only I lived in or near Chicago.

    1. Sounds like you’ll need to make a trip out! Thanks for stopping by Tami!

  9. We have a company here in MI that grow tomatoes in a glass house, but gosh these are super delicious looking. Ours are red but not this red, I bet these are so juicy and delicious that you can eat them right off the vine!

    1. They really are delicious especially right off the vine. Thanks Lisa!

  10. That is so interesting! Is it what is called hydroponics or just glass house growing?

    1. Hi Carol, it’s really both. They are grown hydroponically in glass houses.

  11. I’ve always wondered about glass house tomatoes, and now I’ve got the skinny! It was so much fun to read as you took us on a tour. I was especially interested to read that they’re not able to be certified organic and their production is over 10,000 pounds a week. Now that’s a lot of tomatoes!

  12. These tomatoes look amazing! I love that they are allowed to ripen on the vine, it really makes such a big difference! It’s very clear when you get a nice freshly grown tomato compared to the ones at the grocery store, there is such a big difference when it comes to colour, flavour and texture!

  13. Oh my gosh, what a fun experience this must have been. We love tomatoes in our house, and cook with them often. I think we like them a bit too much, our toddler granddaughter enjoys them plain, just fresh on the plate. I prefer them cooked in a recipe or breaded and fried. Yum! For the record, I tend to buy on the vine.

  14. I see your post and all I can think about is to add those tomatoes to my guacamole. Off course I also learned a lot about growing tomatoes. It is so interesting, all the factors that take place from planting to picking. I would love to visit a facility like this one, and off course get some yummy tomatoes.

  15. Yum! I think tomatoes (or avocados) might be the worlds most perfect food. Very cool you got to visit their place. The tomatoes look so freaking fresh and delicious. Nothing tops a good BLT, does it?

  16. We love our tomatoes but never knew there was so much going on behind the scenes. These tomatoes look much more juicier, riper and colorful than the ones we are used to having. Though we’re not in the US, will have to ask our friends to keep a look out for Might Vine

  17. First YUM we are tomato eaters and these look incredible! I love that they use hydroponics and how cool that you got to see the behind the scenes .. I love things like that very cool! I have never heard of these tomatoes but I will look now!

    1. You will not be disappointed, Stacey! Thanks for stopping by.

  18. How fun to get a behind-the-scenes look at this facility! I’m a big fan of tomatoes and those look so colorful and juicy and delicious! I’m going to have to keep an eye out for Mighty Vine now!

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