Surprising Sandwich Finds


Sandwiches are a kind of universal lunch delight. They can be cheap and cheerful or extravagant and pricey. Whether a bun, roll, wrap or flatbread surrounds  deliciousness inside, sandwiches provide a little joy, just by being themselves.

But even if you recognize their kind, we don’t want you to take for granted the fact that you can still be surprised by a sandwich. Sometimes it’s the ingredients. And sometimes, it’s where you find it. Here are a few of the surprising sandwich finds we’ve made in recent travels.



Peameal Bacon Sandwich – Toronto, Canada. What’s surprising? The fact that this little unglamorous-looking slice of Canadian bacon dredged in cornmeal (peameal in the old days until people decided green meat was not appealing) has garnered praise from famous chefs and celebrities all over the world. It’s pretty hot with visitors and locals too.



Little Ass Burrito – Dublin, Ireland. What’s surprising? Well, aside from the fact that the Little Ass Burrito Bar makes a pretty big ass burrito, the most surprising thing is that you will find this delicious, handcrafted baby on a street corner in Dublin. It’s a burrito. In Ireland. It’s kick-ass good. Surprising enough for you?



Extra Pita Greek – Paris, France. What’s surprising? A double-whammy  of surprise. First, your French fries are inside your sandwich and, second, HELLOOO – it’s in France! Even though the area you can find this beauty in is called The Latin Quarter (another little surprise) it is full of tasty gyros like this one.



Sonora Dog – Tucson, Arizona. What’s surprising? It’s not often we see massive twists on such a classic. But in this case, the “classic” is a hot dog. And the twists are many – The dog is wrapped in bacon before it is grilled; it comes in a New England Lobster Roll style bun; it has different toppings including mayo and green chile sauces. Enough said?

THE QUICK BITE: The versatile sandwich is found around the world and can still surprise with its variety and taste.


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