Where To Find The Best Bitterballen in Amsterdam

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When people learn that we’ve been to Amsterdam they have to ask, where are the best bitterballen in Amsterdam? 

If you’re lucky enough to be visiting Amsterdam yourself, there are plenty of great places in Amsterdam where you can try these delicious bitterballen here are some of our favorites.


Café Luxembourg
Spui 24, 1012 XA, Amsterdam

One spot that’s particularly well-known for one of the best bitterballen in Amsterdam is the historic Café Luxembourg, located in the heart of Amsterdam’s bustling city center. This historic café has been serving up tasty bites and cold drinks since 1921, and their bitterballen are a crowd favorite. 
Hours:  Sunday-Thursday 10 am-12 am, Friday & Saturday 10 am-1 am.

Café De Klos
Kerkstraat 41, 1017 GB Amsterdam

Café De Klos, a cozy and welcoming pub in the Jordaan neighborhood. Known for its delicious ribs, this popular spot also serves up some seriously tasty bitterballen. 
Hours: Monday – Thursday 4 pm – 11 pm, Friday, Saturday & Sunday 2 pm – 11 pm


Bar Centraal
Ten Katestraat 16, 1053 CE Amsterdam

For a more upscale dining experience, head to Bar Centraal in the trendy Oud West neighborhood. This stylish and modern wine bar is known for its delicious small plates and excellent wine selection and their bitterballen are no exception. 
Hours: Monday – Thursday 5 pm – 12 am, Saturday 4 pm – 1 am, Sunday 3 pm – 1 am. 


De Ballenbar
Hannie Dankbaarpassage 16, Stand 8, Amsterdam

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to try a unique twist on the classic bitterballen, head to De Ballenbar in the popular Foodhallen. This gourmet snack bar offers a variety of creative bitterballen flavors, such as truffle, cheese, and even spicy shrimp. Plus, the stylish and modern decor makes it a great spot for a fun night out with friends.
Hours: Monday – Sunday 12 pm – 10 pm.


Café ‘t Smalle
Egelantiersgracht 12, 1015 RL Amsterdam

If you’re looking for a more traditional atmosphere, then you can’t go wrong with the Jordaan neighborhood’s Café ‘t Smalle. This cozy, old-world pub has been serving up delicious Dutch snacks and drinks for over 150 years, and their bitterballen are a true testament to their time-honored recipes. 
Hours: Sunday – Thursday 10 am – 1 am, Friday and Saturday 10 am – 2 am.


Vegan Junk Food Bar
Staringplein 22, 1054 VL Amsterdam

Lastly, for those looking for a vegan option, check out Vegan Junk Food Bar. A fast-growing concept, VJFB has already been winning awards and turning heads with its mission focused on sustainability and delicious plant-based menu, which includes classic, mac & cheese, and peanut thai bitterballen. Enjoy the funky atmosphere in one of several locations and bring your dog (pets are welcome!) and a credit card because they don’t take cash.
Hours: Monday – Thursday 3 pm – 10 pm, Friday – Sunday 12 pm – 10 pm.

If you enjoy bitterballen here’s an easy bitterballen recipe to make at home after your travels.


Best Bitterballen in Amsterdam


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