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Moving To Portugal #1 Ebook Best Seller!

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We’re An Amazon #1 Ebook Best Seller!

In case you have not heard, our new ebook “101 Tips For Moving to Portugal (And Once You Arrive)” is an Amazon #1 Best Seller! It ranked among the best travel books in Europe and as the top seller in several categories including Spain & Portugal Travel, Two-Hour Travel Short Reads, and Senior Travel.

We were so excited to see our ebook up there on the Best Seller page. It’s a great reflection of the value that we wanted to provide in our book.

Five Star Reviews

Here are just a few snippets from our many five-star reviews:

  • Chock-full of tips
  • Like a best friend!
  • Excellent resource…engaging and concise
  • Thoroughly helpful easy read!
  • Insider knowledge told to you like a friend
  • Informative and engaging read
  • What a treat!
  • Quick read that is very engaging and packed full of good advice
  • Big info in a small package

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Is Portugal For You?

We had a blast writing it and the fact that it’s helping so many people discover Portugal is fantastic! The ebook is for anyone who’s thinking about moving to Portugal or those who are already here and are looking for inspiration and information on how to make the most of their adventure.

Tips For People Moving To Portugal

We’ve been thrilled by the response from both residents and expats alike. Often when you talk about moving abroad, people think it’s a huge and scary leap. Well, in some ways it can be, but for us, it was a natural progression. From our extensive travels, we’ve seen some of the most wonderful places in the world. But when we got to Portugal, it had the right combination of welcoming people, incredible culture, fabulous food, and inviting landscape that it felt like home. We know others will feel the same way, so we wanted to help them to make the move if that’s what they see in their future.

Real Insights From Personal Experience

Moving to Portugal is not a super simple process, but it’s doable. And since we relocated, lots of people have asked us questions about moving to Portugal and about our experience. Because we’ve now had time to reflect and consider ourselves settled in, we thought it would be worthwhile to share our best tips, insights, and resources by writing an ebook that puts everything in one place.

This ebook contains the information that helped us relocate to Portugal. It is a great reference guide for anyone considering relocating to Portugal and even for those already here who are in the process of settling in.

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You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers

Here are the most common questions we’ve been asked about 101 Tips For Moving To Portugal (And Once You Arrive):

1. What is our moving to Portugal ebook?

It’s a concise and practical ebook that shares our very best personal tips, insights, and resources gained from our own experience moving from the United States to Portugal.

2. What inspired us to write our ebook?

When we started thinking about writing an ebook, we wanted to create something that would be helpful and interesting for our readers. We know that there’s a lot of conflicting information out there. So we wanted to share our own personal experiences along with tips and resources we found invaluable. We were inspired by people who told us that they would love to make such a move, but it felt overwhelming and out of reach for them. It seemed natural to us to share our experiences and tips that led us to the wonderful new life in Portugal we dreamed about.

Another thing that inspired us was the reality that once we arrived, we still had much to do. Just because you make the move doesn’t mean you’re done. There’s a lot you need to know about adjusting to a new home, making friends, and finding your way in Portugal. think that can only really be understood by people like us who have done it.

We wished that we had more of these tips and insights available to us when we were moving to Portugal. So we decided to write an ebook and share it with others.

3. What does it teach readers?

Our ebook teaches readers who are thinking about moving to Portugal that it’s something that can be done. There is a lot of preparation, and plenty of logistics to address. But we provide examples from our own experience, tips to make things easier, and resources that we feel are reliable and trustworthy.

One of the things we thought was important was that people considering relocation really go through the emotional homework of decision-making before they upheave their life and move to another country. There are a lot of people who impulsively buy a house or sell everything they own and just move. While that might work for some, we think it’s an unnecessarily risky approach. We took our time so that when we made our decision, we had considered all the possibilities and knew that moving to Portugal was right for us.

Our goal is to help others who are standing where we once were with a step-by-step process to think through, plan, and decide if relocation is right for them. Then, if they decide that it is, help them, like a reliable experienced friend, to make their move go as smoothly as possible and make the most of their new life in Portugal.

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4. Why is it a best seller?

101 Tips For Moving To Portugal (And Once You Arrive) is a best seller because it is packed with valuable information that readers can use to make a successful move to Portugal. It provides realistic, understandable, and practical information based on actual experiences and learnings. There’s no guessing or fantasy world here – it’s all real.

We also know that some people are dealing with issues like increased violence and crime, political unrest, healthcare costs, extreme weather, and a hostile environment where they live. They’re wondering if there’s anywhere that they might like living better. And, one of the places getting a lot of attention is Portugal.

Portugal is a safe, friendly, temperate, peaceful, and relatively affordable country. It has many different environments from major cities and suburbs to laid-back beach towns, small charming villages, and country homes in areas filled with orchards, vineyards, and farms. There’s even a mountain range that gets snow in the winter. The pace is slower and there’s no way to rush it. For people looking to leave a Type A personality lifestyle, Portugal provides an appealing alternative.

5. What are some of the topics covered in the book?

We cover a wide range of topics including how to decide if moving to Portugal is right for you, getting started with a move, finding a place to live, moving with pets, dealing with technology, handling administrative tasks, transportation, making friends, and adjusting to a Portuguese lifestyle.

We talk about each of the topics in the book based on our own recent personal experiences. This is not a paint-by-numbers process, and every person will need to make decisions and take actions based on their individual circumstances. But what we wanted to offer was a way for those curious about making a big move or a big decision like this to benefit from what we learned. We also wanted to provide practical tips and resources that we found helpful in our move.

6. What does “Once You Arrive” mean?

The other important part about moving to Portugal is getting started in a new life once you are in the country. We address issues like making friends, getting settled, and making a new home in a different country, which are sometimes overlooked in the flurry of activity to make the move. For some people, this is the scariest part of moving. They worry that they won’t make friends, won’t fit in, or won’t be able to transition to a place that feels like a home. We had those concerns too but overcame them quickly through a few simple methods that anyone can use. The move doesn’t end when the boxes are unpacked. That’s just when it’s time to start enjoying the benefit of all the work that got you there.

We are overjoyed with our move to Portugal and while living anywhere has its challenges, we know we made the right choice for us. It’s our hope that 101 Tips For Moving To Portugal (And Once You Arrive) continues to help many people who are thinking about doing what we have done by giving them the benefit of our experience.

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A Must-Read If Your Considering Moving To Portugal

Our travel ebook is a must-read for anyone considering a move to Portugal. It is packed with valuable information that will help readers make a successful transition to their new life in Portugal. We’re happy to know that it became a #1 Amazon best-selling ebook because people have found it genuinely useful.

As we continue to explore Portugal and Europe even more, we look forward to many amazing visits from readers considering whether moving to Portugal is right for them too.

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What Should I Do Now?

In two short weeks, you’ll have a clearer picture of what your life could and should be based on your own thinking. It’s a step-by-step process we’ve used ourselves. In fact, it helped us in moving to Portugal!

You deserve to enjoy your life and we want to show you the easy process we used to enjoy ours.

Thank you for all of your support. We truly appreciate it. And, happy reading!

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