Magical Mahekal in Mexico

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If you dream about beautiful beaches, palm trees gently swaying, crystal blue waters, incredible food for a reasonable price, and a place just to hang out and relax, then Mahekal beach resort at Playa Del Carmen in Mexico’s beautiful Yucatan peninsula may just be the place for you.

Food Travelist Magical Mahekal Sunrise
Magical Mahekal Sunrise

Mahekal is the Spanish pronunciation of “magical” and that pretty much describes this place. Your first hint (aside from the breathtaking scenery) will hit you when you get to your room. Whimsical towel sculptures will make you smile if you’re not already.

Food Travelist Magical Mahekal
Mahekal Resort

The rooms have a personal hammock or two, so you can relax without even having to reach the sand.

Food Travelist Magical Mahekal Home Sweet Hammock
Home Sweet Hammock

There are two pool areas to soak up the sun and stay cool.

Food Travelist Magical Mahekal Beautiful Seaside Pool
Mahekal Beautiful Seaside Pool

One of the beachfront casitas even has its own plunge pool that opens up right to the beach!

Food Travelist Magical Mahekal Private Plunge Pool
Private Plunge Pool

The bar hosts happy hours where you’ll find the booziest cocktails ever sold at 2-for-1 prices. The reality is it’s more like 6 for the price of one, as the bartender is blissfully heavy-handed. Because your room will not have a telephone or television (by design) the bar area is a gathering place, which also has Wi-Fi and some computers if you absolutely must. You might even make a friend or two while you’re there.

Food Travelist Magical Mahekal New Friends
ANew Friend

The restaurant is exceptional, serving to please every palate. Eggs in the morning with a Mexican flare are fantastic.

Food Travelist Magical Mahekal Mexican Breakfast
Mexican Breakfast

And anytime is the right time for a little cerveza and chips!

Food Travelist Magical Mahekal Chips And Cerveza
Chips And Cerveza

You’ll never forget Mahekal or the sunrises and sunsets that you’ll see from the beach. If you’re looking for a beautiful, relaxing place with plenty to do nearby and outstanding food with a bit of fun, check out magical Mahekal in Playa Del Carmen Mexico.

THE QUICK BITE: If you’re looking for a beautiful, relaxing place with plenty to do nearby, outstanding food with a bit of fun, check out the magical Mahekal beach resort in Playa Del Carmen Mexico.

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