Best Restaurants in St. Petersburg FL

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Updated January 2024

When you think Florida you probably think of sunny beach-filled days. And you wouldn’t be wrong. Our last visit was filled with meetings but we did still get out to enjoy the sun, water, and, of course, the food.

It had been a while since our last visit and we couldn’t believe how much St. Pete had changed! It was always a great place to visit on the quieter side of Florida but the recent improvements made us wonder why we waited so long to return.

Best Restaurants in St. Petersburg FL

One of the things that has really grown is the St. Pete food scene. Although we were just there for a quick visit we were able to check out many new spots and a few old favorites. Here’s our list of places you should be sure to check out.

Seafood Is Still King in St. Petersburg

One of my favorite fish to eat in Florida is grouper. I wasted no time and my first meal was a lovely grouper sandwich at 400 Beach Seafood & Tap House. just one of the fabulous St. Pete restaurants. Grilled to perfection, it was just what I needed to get me in the Floridian spirit. The restaurant is located right on the main downtown strip of Beach Drive NE and steps from the Vinoy Renaissance Resort & Golf Club.




Their menu is loaded with plenty of seafood options including an oyster bar, salads, sandwiches, and fish tacos. They also have tasty steaks, chops, and chicken options as well. We had the joy of sharing lunch that day with our friend Sandi McKenna from MidLife Road Trip. She opted for the Seafood Louis Salad and it looked marvelous!


Seafood salad 400 Beach Seafood and Tap House
Seafood salad 400 Beach Seafood and Tap House


While we’re on the topic of grouper, we had the chance to visit one of my old favorite spots Harvey’s Fourth Street Grill. Thankfully, it was just as I remembered it. One of the fun things about this place is that a lot of the decorations in the restaurant have come from many of the historic St. Pete hotels. The Vinoy, Soreno, and Albermarle provided just a few upcycled pieces that you’ll see.

What Food Is St. Petersburg, FL Known For? 

One of the things to keep in mind when ordering grouper is always to ask if it’s fresh and local. Unfortunately, there was a bit of a problem a few years back and many restaurants were saying they were serving “grouper” and they weren’t. Rest assured Harvey’s and every place we recommend will have the real deal.

This old-school fish platter served with your choice of potato or salad and hot garlic bread made me smile from ear to ear.

Grilled grouper at the Fourth Street Grill in St. Petersburg Florida
Grilled grouper at Harvey’s Fourth Street Grill in St. Petersburg Florida


Diana loved the giant shrimp dinner with tasty jumbo shrimp. There’s plenty of other seafood to choose from too. Just be sure to save room for their delicious Key Lime Pie.


Fried shrimp at Fourth Street Grill in St. Petersburg Florida
Fried shrimp at Fourth Street Grill in St. Petersburg Florida


With all these great spots to eat it’s a really good idea to check out the Coast rental bikes. Conveniently located around the city these bad boys will be sure you work off just a few calories before your next eating stop.


Coast Rental Bikes in St. Petersburg Florida
Coast Rental Bikes in St. Petersburg Florida


It’s also a great way to see the over 45 street art and murals that have become such a beautiful part of St. Petersburg.


St. Petersburg Florida Street Art
St. Petersburg Florida Street Art


Back to eating. Everywhere we visit we have to try at least one cheeseburger and downtown St. Pete restaurants are no exception. We dropped by Stillwaters Tavern to check out their menu and cocktail list.


Burgers And More

One of their delicious burgers features a hand-formed short rib, chuck, and brisket patty topped with sharp cheddar (my favorite), Thousand Island dressing, and caramelized onions on the softer-than-soft brioche bun was perfect.


Short Rib Burger at Stillwaters Tavern in St. Petersburg Florida
Short Rib Burger at Stillwaters Tavern in St. Petersburg Florida


The fried chicken salad with buttermilk fried chicken, baby lettuce, romaine, sorghum pecans, blue cheese, apples, and celery, and green goddess dressing was another delicious find.


Fried chicken salad at Stillwaters Tavern in St. Petersburg Florida
Fried chicken salad at Stillwaters Tavern in St. Petersburg Florida


Another bright spot at Stillwaters, as a tea drinker, I adore iced tea. I especially love a spot that serves it with simple syrup or in this case two types of simple syrup. I’m in love!!


Ice Tea with simple syrup at Stillwaters Tavern St. Petersburg Florida
Ice Tea with simple syrup at Stillwaters Tavern St. Petersburg Florida


Are There Ever Enough Burgers?

Another great choice with tasty burgers just down the street from Stillwaters is the award-winning Park Shore Grill. One look at this juicy Mozzarella burger will have you drooling for a taste. It’s made with fresh burrata, arugula, sun-dried tomato (loved the little kick these gave the burger), and balsamic caramelized onions. The beef is Niman Ranch all-natural, hormone and antibiotic-free. Be sure to check out their Parkshore Picnic lunch special, including your choice of small Caesar or Parkshore salad, entree, and mini dessert for only $18.00. All this while overlooking the beautiful St. Pete waterfront. They’re open for lunch and dinner.


Park Shore Grill St. Petersburg Florida Burrata Burger
Park Shore Grill St. Petersburg Florida Burrata Burger


Another old stomping ground for me was The Chattaway. A bit on the outskirts of the main strip this charmer is one of the restaurants in St Pete that is a must-visit. They have a beautifully unique outdoor tropical garden to sit in and enjoy yourself. Their bathtub gardens are legendary. In St. Pete since 1951, this is a place that locals love.


Bathtub gardening at the chattaway in St. Petersburg Florida
Bathtub gardening at the Chattaway in St. Petersburg Florida


The Chattaway is known for its char-broiled burger that’s delicious and the relaxing laid back atmosphere. You may be surprised to find a room inside set up for “high tea.” If you’re looking for that lovely experience be sure to make a reservation.


The Chataway in St. Petersburg Florida
The Chataway in St. Petersburg Florida


Cocktails and Snacks

If you like cocktails, tasty bites and a terrific view of Tampa Bay check out The Canopy Rooftop Lounge atop The Birchwood. Here you can score private cabanas and comfortable seating.




Whether you visit to watch a magnificent sunset or stay for the party crowd that comes alive at night you will have a good time. Lots of pretty bites to eat at a place that is one to see and be seen. It’s a unique choice among the restaurants in St. Petersburg  FL.


Fresh seafood appetizers at The Canopy in St. Petersburg Florida
Fresh seafood appetizers at The Canopy in St. Petersburg Florida


Another iconic spot is the Don CeSar Hotel on St. Pete Beach. Locals and visitors call this landmark “the pink palace.” Around since the 1920s, it’s been a romantic and remarkable place to stay or grab a meal and a drink for many years. It’s one of the best restaurants in St. Petersburg FL.


Don Caesar Resort St. Petersburg Florida
Don CeSar Resort St. Petersburg Florida


The bar on the beach at Don CeSar is one of my favorite places to grab a cocktail and unwind. It simply doesn’t get much better than a visit to “The Don.”


Cocktails at the Don Caesar in St. Petersburg Florida
Cocktails at the Don CeSar in St. Petersburg Florida


Unexpected Food Truck

During our visit, we stayed at a terrific Airbnb about a ten-minute walk from the downtown strip. One evening while we were wandering back to the house we smelled something wonderful. On a nearby side street, we spied a food truck. Our noses told us that we had to investigate.


Food Truck in St. Petersburg Florida Kickin Caribbean
Food Truck in St. Petersburg Florida Kickin Caribbean


What we discovered was Kickin Caribbean. We were so glad we stopped. They were preparing food for a birthday party happening in a neighboring backyard. Although we had just eaten, the owner insisted we not only have a taste but that we take some food home.  Jerk chicken, mac and cheese bites, and more were piled into a container and we had a little Caribbean picnic with our Airbnb hosts. Although the hosts gave us a great rating (we gave them once too), they said we brought too much food into the house and laughingly joked we wouldn’t be welcomed back.


Kickin Carribbean Food Truck in St. Petersburg Florida
Kickin Caribbean Food Truck in St. Petersburg Florida


Drink With The Dogs

If you’re animal lovers like us you will adore The Dog Bar. As the name suggests this bar welcomes owners to bring along their canine friends. The second location in St. Pete is modeled off their location in Charlotte, NC. All dogs and their owners must complete a membership form and show proof of vaccinations from a vet. They also require parvo/distemper as well. All dogs must be neutered, over one year of age, and well-behaved.


The Dog Bar in St. Petersburg Florida
The Dog Bar in St. Petersburg Florida


Dogs of all types and sizes were wandering around enjoying themselves as their owners sipped cocktails and beers and socialized with other dog-loving people. There’s a separate area for the dogs “on-leash” and “off-leash” and an indoor area for people games like ping pong, corn hole, and more. So if you just want to watch the dogs that’s ok too. We spent some time mingling among the pooches and it was great fun. They also have a really wide variety of local craft beers too!




These are some of the food adventures we discovered in our short journey there this summer. We know this is just the beginning and that there’s much, much more to eat, drink, and do in sunny St. Petersburg.

Is St. Petersburg Florida Worth Visiting?

St. Pete’s restaurants and food scene is fabulous but while you’re there don’t miss the pristine beaches, world-class museums, and a vibrant community that heartily welcomes everyone, including the LGBT community.

If you have other favorite food spots in St. Pete please let us know in the comments below. If you want to learn more about restaurants in St. Petersburg FL check out their website at

Special thanks to Visit St. Pete/Clearwater for all their help during our visit. Several of the restaurants mentioned in this post hosted us during our visit. As always, all opinions are our own and reflect our experiences. 


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    • A terrific list with very helpful anecdotes! Thank you for compiling this wonderful list. Wonder how things are different in the midst of the pandemic. I am traveling there this month!

  1. All these places are really good but I like Souzou Asian Kitchen the most as its deluxe menu covers offers really tasty food.  

  2. Now I want to go to St. Petersburg and eat all the food. The only problem would be deciding which hamburger to eat first. All of the hamburgers that you ate look so good. Yum!

  3. I haven’t been to Florida yet so I’ll definitely be keeping this place in mind for when I come back to the USA! Florida definitely seems like a place “to be”. Thanks for sharing this!

  4. What an awesome post filled with so many fun and yummy things to do. You had me at seafood and green tomatoes. The seafood salad and the Chicken Ramen are my favorite. I think I wold spend my time eating the whole trips. Bike and moped rentals are always such a fun treat when traveling. I’ve never been to Florida but I really need to change that. We live in Texas so we’re not far at all.

  5. Superb post, Sue! You had me drooling all the way from start to finish! I would love to return to St. Pete’s as it’s been far too long since my last visit.

  6. OMG! I’m sold. I’ve never been to Florida but always wanted to and now I want to go really bad. At first, I said.. oh that grouper looks good. Then the next food pic.. I want that too.. then picture after picture made me hungry and thirsty. Will check out these spots when we go.

  7. I’ve been there a couple of time and have never been to these. Wow! These dishes look great! I love that they have a dog bar as well. If you’re an animal lover, that would definitely be a great place to meet people!

  8. My mouth is watering for that seafood salad and those sushi rolls look incredible. All this food is making me hungry. I would love to see what food Florida has to offer, I haven’t been to the States just yet.

  9. Shelley King Reply

    The Dog Bar is the absolute best idea I have ever heard! I LOVE it! I have been to St. Pete several times but have never heard to ask about the Grouper! That is a great tip for ordering! I would love to try those Fried Green Tomatoes! What a wonderful variety of things you have told us about visiting! I will be sure to check some of these things out on our next trip!

  10. I have been all over Florida and have yet to visit St. Petersburg. I have to change that. This foodie NEEDS to visit all of these places.

  11. I’ve actually never been to St.Petersburg but I have been to Florida many times. I love the seafood options they have there. Also, a stop of Qdoba is essential!

  12. It looks like St. Petersberg has so much tremendous food there. I really loved the sushi that you showed here, and all of the seafood looked marvelous. Not overprepared or sauced to hide its flavors but letting the seafood stand on its own. Looks marvelous.

  13. Wow, looks like a lot of great options to eat in St. Petersburg. I was particularly salivating over the fried shrimp and the charcuterie board. Love the dog cafe. I guess that wouldn’t work so well with cats!

    • suereddel Reply

      LOL! Cat Bar would be an entirely different situation. Thanks for stopping by Cindy.

  14. These places all sound so incredible! I need to try them out next time I’m down south. I’ve only been to St. Petersburg once, but I’d love to go again! That cocktail looks SO delicious, I could definitely use one of those right about now haha! Awesome pictures!

  15. You make St. Petersburg look so delicious. I always wanted to visit this place. Florida has so many cool places on my bucket list! Now, I want to visit even more

  16. Those shrimps really look giant. How much budget to allocate per person to come and dine in these restaurants? The delicious key lime pie looks like a must-try for sure. Is there also a place you’d recommend that serves crabs?

    • suereddel Reply

      Hi Kirsten, the prices in St. Pete are very reasonable. You can dine out anywhere from under $20 for a dinner and up. It wasn’t crab season when we visited. However, I’m sure all the seafood restaurants serve delicious crabs.

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