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Best Places To Visit For Food Travel

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Every time we meet people for the first time they always ask, “What’s your favorite place to visit for food travel?.” I have to admit that I really dislike that question. It’s like asking a parent who their favorite child is. You just can’t choose. My favorite answer to that question is typically the last place we’ve visited. The place the sounds and people are so vividly fresh in my mind’s eye and all the flavors are still on my taste buds.

When really pushed we start listing off the places that we love and would happily return to again and again. In an effort to highlight some of our recent food experiences we’ve compiled this “short’ list if you will for those of you looking to plan your next food and travel getaway.

In no particular order…the Best Places To Visit For Food Travel




As I’ve written about so many times, France is a place that I started dreaming about since I was a little girl. I was beyond thrilled when European Waterways invited us to join them on a barge cruise on the Canal du Midi. It was a trip of a lifetime which we extended with a week-long road trip in the south of France. One of the highlights was seeing the Van Gogh exhibit at the Carrieres de Lumieres in Les Baux, France. Read all about our France exploration in the links below.

Van Gogh Carrieres de Lumieres Les Baux France Bst Places To Visit for Food Travel
Van Gogh Carrieres de Lumieres Les Baux France

Our Delicious Canal du Midi Cruise Aboard the Enchanté

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Enjoying European Waterways 

Railway Europe Review: Travel in Style



If you’ve read any of our food travel experiences you know we love Portugal. In fact, we love it so much that we decided to move there. If you only add one destination to your must-visit list make it Portugal. We heartily recommend getting out of the bigger cities and experiencing the small towns. You’ll be in for a treat. Delicious local food, historical venues, and of course the wonderful people of Portugal.

Barco Molicerios River Boats along the canal in Aveiro Portuga
arco Molicerios River Boats along the canal in Aveiro Portuga

Eating Local In Portugal: The Best Food & Drinks To Try

Driving Tour of Portugal: 8 Destinations To Visit 

Why Aveiro, The Venice of Portugal, And Costa Nova Are Must-Visit Destinations 

What To Do in Madeira

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Quebec City

We’ve been to Quebec City several times and each time we discover something new and delicious. We had the pleasure of visiting Quebec City for a unique assignment. Why are there two languages spoken in the region? We did our research (ate a little along the way) and provided our thoughts on the North Americana Podcast. Take a listen, we think you’ll find it very interesting whether you’re from the U.S. or Canada.

Quebec City
Quebec City

From The Midwest to Rural Quebec Two American Storytellers Ask Les Quebecois: Why Two Official Languages?



We love visiting our friends to the north and jumped at the chance to visit Winnipeg. There are so many wonderful things about this culinary forward Canadian town. We were not disappointed. This wonderful place is one everyone must try the food travel experiences. The food scene alone is worth the visit but don’t stop there. You’ll find trying to decide what to do will be tough so be sure to plan plenty of time to give this destination all attention it deserves.

Winnipeg Sign

16 Things To Do in Winnipeg Canada


United States

Boise, Idaho

If you travel for food one destination full of unexpected surprises is Boise, Idaho. We checked another state off our list and discovered a foodie paradise in Boise, Idaho.

What to do in Boise Idaho

What To Do And East in Boise, Idaho

Discovering Basque Culture in Boise, Idaho


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

You may think of Philadelphia as a city full of history and you’d be correct. You may not know that it’s also full of lots of tasty food. Sure there’s the Philly Cheesesteak sandwich but that is truly just the tip of the culinary iceberg in this east coast town.

Philly Food Philadelphia Love Sign Best Places To Visit For Food Travel

Philly Food Finds 


Plano, Texas

Without exception, everyone we told that we were going to Plano, Texas said, where? It’s true what they say, everything is bigger in Texas so be sure to pack your appetite and stretchy pants to this unexpected foodie find. This is why it made the list of Best Places To Visit For Food Travel.

Downtown Plano Arts District Texas Art
Downtown Plano Arts District Texas Art

8 Best Things To Do & See In Plano, Texas

Ultimate List of Tasty Restaurants in Plano, Texas

Renaissance Dallas at Plano Legacy West Hotel


Ann Arbor

We really love to visit college towns in the United States. One, in particular, is Ann Arbor. This Midwestern town is home to a lot more than just the Big House. It’s a foodie destination and one that has a lot to do. If you’re looking for a great long weekend place put Ann Arbor on your list.

Zingerman's Deli Ann Arbor Storefront Best Places To Visit For Food Travel
Zingerman’s Deli Ann Arbor Storefront

The Best Things To Do & See in Ann Arbor, Michigan 

20 Reasons You Need To Taste Ann Arbor Food



Portland, Maine

We were so excited to visit Portland, Maine for WITS 2019 (Women in Travel Summit). It’s always a good time to see our female travel writing friends, learn more from experts and experience a new destination. We tasted our way around the town sampling probably too many lobster rolls (is there such a thing) and got outside of town to experience Harpswell, too.

Delicious Lobster Roll at High Roller Portland Maine Best Places To Visit For Food Travel
Delicious Lobster Roll at High Roller Portland Maine

 Unique Things to Do in Portland, Maine

How To Do A Lobster Crawl in Portland, Maine



We lived in Wisconsin for just about 3 years and we learned just how beautiful this state is.  It’s full of great outdoor activities and lots of tasty food spots.

Kenosha, Wisconsin

Places to Visit for Food Travel KenoshaBest Places To Visit For Food Travel

We just love this town on Lake Michigan located between Milwaukee and Chicago. It’s a wonderful local visit for folks in the Midwest but particularly for the Chicagoland area. Just over an hour away you’ll get a quiet lakefront experience with big-town amenities. Here’s why we think its a place to visit for food travel:

The Best Ever Kenosha Food 

Catching More Than Fish in Kenosha

Beyond The Plate 


Madison, Wisconsin

We called Madison home for three years. This welcoming community is located between two lakes, check out the parks and recreation and lots of interesting food choices to try, too.

Olbrich Botanical Gardens Madison WI Best Places To Visit For Food Travel
Olbrich Botanical Gardens Madison, WI

Best Ever What to Do and See in Madison

Marvelous Madison

America the Beautiful and Tasty! Top Culinary Destinations in the USA

Best Destinations for Foodies 

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15 Things to Do On A Weekend in Madison, Wisconsin


More Best Places To Visit For Food Travel to Discover

We can’t wait to get started writing more stories and experiencing more places that feature local and delicious food. Try them yourself  and let us know what other places we need to visit.

We look forward to exploring more on the other side of the globe and sharing more stories with you all soon.

This roundup contains articles that we’ve written for Food Travelist, Travel Awaits, Getting On Travel and collaboration pieces on various travel websites.


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  1. So many great tasty travels here. I’m glad I finally got to connect in person and share a slice of decent pizza with you both in Portland! Discovering a new destination through its food is my favorite way to travel too!

  2. I’m a huge foodie myself and I love trying out the local food whenever we travel. These places are perfect, can’t really go wrong with anywhere in Europe or the US/Canada.

  3. Mama Maggie's Kitchen Reply

    I am going to visit these places one by one soon! With my family,of course! I’m gonna try all their foods. I’m sure they taste wonderful.

  4. These all sound like absolutely amazing places to go and visit, not just for food but it spend time and explore as well. Paris is definitely a must!

  5. Love these out of the norm spots. One of my favorite places to chow down in New Orleans. We were just there last week and I indulged in so much shrimp and soul food. Yummy!

  6. I agree that Quebec City is a foodie’s dream! You can walk into the most humble restaurant in Quebec City and almost be guaranteed that the food will be superb!

  7. I am definitely going to add these places on my bucket list for 2020. I really love to try their foods and know more about their cultures.

  8. I went to Portland, Maine last summer and loved it. I appreciate that you included so many North American destinations. My chances of visiting them are greatly increased!

  9. These all sound like wonderful places. I’d love to go to any of them. I have never traveled to any of these places before.

  10. Happy to see Quebec City has made it on the list, my province 🙂 Italy should definitely be in there too!

  11. Great suggestions for those who travel a lot! We don’t travel outside the US so it’s good to see some “stateside” places!

  12. Looks like you covered all of the bases for food when traveling. I do love to eat at new places whenever we venture someone new. I’ll be taking your ideas and trying some.

  13. Since I do not go out of the US too often i was happy to hear there are places to see in the US that have great food.My daughter is in wisconsin so I might try that Madison and Kenosha first.

  14. We’ve had an opportunity to sample a few of these destinations, and agree that they offer some good dining options. This past fall, we had the chance to sample Quebec City cuisine and fell head over heels in love with the city. Thanks for the happy reminder of our time there.

  15. Yum! I’ve been to a few of these places, more on the international side. But I do find that there is fabulous food in smaller US cities too, and sometimes I overlook these destinations.Willhave to check out some of your suggestions in the US. Of course Italy is my favorite foodie country!

  16. Some great foodie choices here! It’s fantastic to see my hometown of Winnipeg make your list of best places to visit for culinary travellers. I agree completely ….for such a small city it’s got a wide range of fantastic food and drink to sample.

  17. I live in Europe and very little of my travel is to the USA, except for visiting family in Washington DC. So I loved discovering all these US cities, many of which I’d never heard of and now tempted to visit on my trip to the USA… If you ever have a chance to visit Southwest France, the food there is outstanding (I kept wishing my trip would never end). It has many of the same culinary traditions as the rest of the Basque country over the border into Spain…

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