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To most people, Orlando means Disney World or Universal Studios. To us, it means one of the most relaxing places we’ve visited. Sound strange? Not at all. We were traveling to several locations in Florida last fall and decided to take a one day break.

We chose the Waldorf Astoria Orlando because we’re members of the Hilton HHonors Gold program. We knew we’d be staying at a luxury hotel and take advantage of our HH perks.

Waldorf Astoria Orlando Lobby

When we arrived at the hotel our room wasn’t quite ready so we were invited to use the spa to change our clothes and to enjoy the pool area.  Since it was still morning we opted to check out their breakfast buffet first.

As you might expect the buffet was large and gorgeous. What really made it stand out was the spaciousness of the offerings. There were several food stations spread out to accommodate the large crowd at breakfast. Although it was busy the staff was very friendly and took the time to keep us entertained and laughing.

Breakfast Buffet Waldorf Astoria
Breakfast Buffet Waldorf Astoria

There was an omelet station, waffles, pancakes, bacon, sausage, oatmeal, full bread bar, cheese and charcuterie bar, fresh fruit, Asian fare and of course, cereals, granolas, yogurt, and juices. Something for everyone at the buffet as well as an a la carte menu for those who just wanted to order a traditional breakfast.

Waldorf Astoria golf course
Waldorf Astoria golf course

After breakfast, we took a stroll around the grounds. It’s a beautiful property complete with a Rees Jones-designed 18-hole championship golf course. The walkway takes you to the sister property the Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek, which offers additional choices for dining.

Waldorf Astoria Orlando Poolside

We returned to the Waldorf ready to relax by the pool.  The spa is gorgeous and tranquil but we quickly changed into our suits to head to the pool. It was a beautiful sunny day and we didn’t want to waste a minute inside.

There are several pools to choose from all lined with comfy loungers in and out of the sun. We chose a shady spot and dove into some poolside reading and napping.

Frozen Grapes by the pool Waldorf Astoria Orlando
Frozen Grapes by the pool Waldorf Astoria Orlando

There’s cold water available poolside and attendants come around with frozen grapes from time to time, which is a perfect refreshment. There’s also a pool waitress that offers to take your order of frosty drinks, cold beer, snacks, sandwiches, and salads anything that might interest you all from the comfort of your lounge chair. There’s also a restaurant by the pool if you would rather sit at a table and eat.

After our relaxed afternoon of pampering, we went back to the desk to find that our room was upgraded to a deluxe suite (another perk of Hilton HHonors). We were each offered a glass of complimentary champagne as we headed to our room.

Waldorf Astoria Bedroom Champagne

The suite was spacious and comfortable with a terrific view of Orlando. I really appreciate a nicely appointed bathroom and this one was 5-star, complete with Salvatore Ferragamo toiletries, a soaking tub and stand alone shower. Fluffy towels and robes completed the assemble.

Waldorf Astoria Orlando Bathroom

We hadn’t made any plans for the evening so I asked the concierge where he recommended we have dinner. He said that we must try the Bull & Bear, the restaurant in the hotel. We hadn’t done any research about where to eat because we were “technically” taking a day off but we said, “What the heck. Let’s try it.” The bad news – the restaurant had no reservations available. He said they’d see what they could do and call us in the room.

As we settled into our room, the phone rang and happily they were able to get us in if we could be down in an hour. No problem!! We had some time to relax and get ready for dinner.

Peacock Egg Drink at Waldorf Astoria Orlando
Peacock Egg Drink at Waldorf Astoria Orlando

Orlando Waldorf Astoria Food

Before dinner, we stopped by the Peacock Alley lounge for a quick drink. We tried the signature Peacock Egg – lavender syrup, blue Curacao, fresh lemonade and Bombay Sapphire Gin presented in an ice “egg” in a blue-lit glass. Gorgeous and refreshing.

Bull and Bear Dining Room

We headed down just as the sun was setting. The Bull & Bear dining room with windows facing the west made a perfect place to watch the sunset in full display. If you time it right the view also includes the nightly Epcot fireworks display.

Cocktails at Bull and Bear Orlando
New World Gin & Tonic with St. Augustine Gin and the Bull & Bear Mule With St. Augustine Vodka

Diana and I sat on a comfy couch next to each other like Parisians. We took a deep breath ready to experience what we didn’t yet know would end up being one of the best meals we’ve ever had.

Bull and Bear IPad Menu

The menu at the award-winning Bull & Bear is presented to you on an iPad. The menu is fully illustrated with professional photos. Every menu item looks better than the next and there’s a full wine menu that offers pairing suggestions for every item. Since we were already indulging we decided to go with the tasting menu. Then we snuggled down and got ready to experience the Bull & Bar.

Potato Cappucino At Bull & Bear Orlando
Potato Cappuccino At Bull & Bear Orlando

We started with the Potato Cappuccino dusted with Oregon Truffle Jus and Mushroom salt. This was just the beginning of our delicious and creatively served dinner.

Unique breads at Bull and Bear Orlando
Unique breads at Bull and Bear Orlando. Couldn’t stop eating the garlic monkey bread!
Tomato Encrusted Chilean Sea Bass at the Bull & Bear Orlando
Tomato Encrusted Chilean Sea Bass at the Bull & Bear Orlando

Steak at Bull and Bear

If you’re looking for top quality meat try their Allen Brothers beef. From Chateaubriand for two to the 38 oz. Tomahawk Steak for two aged for thirty-two days they’ve got it all.

Bull and Bear Frites
Bull and Bear Frites

The Bull & Bear is a steakhouse reimagined and has all the proper sides you’d expect. One not to miss is the Bull & Bear Frites. 100% Idaho hand cut tallow potato crisp with organic garlic aioli.

Dessert at Bull and Bear Orlando
Dessert at Bull and Bear Orlando
Chocolate cigar Bull and Bear
Chocolate cigar Bull and Bear

We won’t tempt you with all the delicacies that graced our table but the dessert was a big reveal with a “lemon” that is deconstructed at the table by the server into a delightfully tangy lemon meringue pie and a chocolate “cigar” complete with ashes in the ashtray it was served in.

Chocolate Bar Waldorf Astoria Orlando
Chocolate Bar Waldorf Astoria Orlando

After a spectacular meal, we wandered through the lobby to discover a full Chocolate and Champagne bar ready to be devoured. But not by us. We headed off for another stroll around the property to work off some of that delicious dinner and then off to dreamland.

Grouper Sandwich Clubhouse Grille at the Waldorf Astoria
Grouper Sandwich Clubhouse Grille at the Waldorf Astoria

We slept in since we had a late check-out (another perk of Hilton HHonors Gold) and decided to have lunch down in the Peacock Alley. Since we were in Florida I had a hankering for a grouper sandwich. We sat down ordered our drinks and were bummed to learn they had no grouper. But…the server said they had a great grouper sandwich at the Clubhouse Lounge Grille and a great view of the golf course. She said take your drinks and head over there! We did as she suggested, and I’m glad. Talk about customer service! We got a seat at the window in their relaxing clubhouse and a tasty grouper sandwich and club sandwich.

Club sandwich and the Clubhouse at Waldorf Astoria Orlando

All this in 24 hours! Think of what else you could do, eat and drink with a few more days. With over 12 restaurants to choose from between the Waldorf Astoria Orlando and the Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek a few steps away, it’s an embarrassment of culinary delights and resort amenities.

And if you are looking to add Mickey Mouse to your Orlando experience the Waldorf Astoria has complimentary transportation to all the Orlando Disney theme parks and you can purchase tickets and Disney apparel and accessories in their conveniently located gift shop in the lobby of the Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek.

For More Information:
Waldorf Astoria
14200 Bonnet Creek Resort Lane, Orlando, FL
Reservations 888-353-2009

THE QUICK BITE: If you’re looking for a luxurious resort that’s also a culinary destination look no further than the Waldorf Astoria Orlando.

13 thoughts on “Discover Orlando Waldorf Astoria Food

  1. As a frequent Florida visitor, I’ve been reading a lot of great things about the food in Orlando. Don’t think I’ve ever seen fries served in such an elegant manner. While my Disney days might be over, a great food trek might be in my future after reading your post.

    1. It’s well worth a visit Alison. You definitely will find a lot of great food choices.

  2. Sue, you’ve got my mouth watering!

    The Waldorf Astoria is certainly a good reason for me to return to Orlando! I love the look of the dining room, and the culinary offerings look remarkable!

    1. Hi Doreen, the Waldorf is worth the trip alone. Hope you get a chance to visit soon. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. So much gastronomy! Love the blue drink. Love the chocolate cigar. Love the grouper. Love the levitating french fries. A chocolate bar? That is sick! The last place I stayed in the Orlando area was $17 through Priceline. The Waldorf Astoria is a notch or two higher on the luxury scale. 😀

  4. I love the idea of frozen grapes poolside! Healthy, low cal and refreshing! Orlando has been getting a lot of foodie buzz lately and the Waldorf Astoria sounds like the perfect place to stay for food fans.

    1. Hi Michele! Yes Orlando is definitely getting on the foodie’s list. All the fresh fruit and veggies make it a place for healthy choices too.

    1. Hi Irene! The Waldorf certainly makes it difficult to leave that’s for sure.

  5. Picture after picture of delicious food. There were way too many for me to comment on. I think what I will remember the most is the Peacock Egg drink—beautiful! What a glorious time you had. Much more enjoyable than fighting the crowds at Disneyworld.

    1. Hi Jan! Absolutely agree. Orlando doesn’t have to mean a day at the park. Many other things to explore and experience. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. This looks absolutely divine and not a mouse in sight. If you’re not a Disney fan, there may not be an immediately evident reason to travel to Orlando, but this post has just made the case. Very nice.

    1. Thanks Betsy! I know! There are alternatives to all the family food chains available in Orlando you just have to look.

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