Pour Paris Avec Amour


Like many people who travel a lot for a living my heart was broken last Friday when I first saw the news on Twitter of the attacks on Paris.

Most people, myself included, understandably took to their social media accounts and blogs to express their sadness, faith and anger. I wanted to share more of my feelings about the attacks but wasn’t ready until today.


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    When the news hit I immediately said a prayer for all those who were lost, their families and loved ones and the world that would reel from yet another violent, senseless attack on innocent people. I also thought of my beloved Paris. My many visits there and how much I adore everything about the City of Light. The smells, the tastes, the feeling that I get every time I step off a plane at Charles DeGaulle Airport. Would it be the same? My next thought was that I hope people don’t stop traveling. After 9/11 getting on a plane made even the most seasoned traveler pause. Who hasn’t called a loved one and told them they loved them before embarking on journey?   We started Food Travelist almost 2 years ago with the hope of creating just a little more peace in the world. A lofty goal to be sure. Diana and I believe that bringing people together around a table of food breaks down barriers and helps people realize that we all are fundamentally the same. This week I read a post on Instagram from our friend Dion Lim. Dion is currently in Istanbul and, ever the reporter, had the chance to ask a local how she was processing the news about Paris. See her response below.


“Everyone hurts the same” really stuck with me. The hurt we all feel during these times is universal. My hope is that hurt will not keep the world and its people from exploring this planet and visiting its many amazing places and the people who live in them.

Lately our world seems full of name-calling, hate and violence. With senseless tragedies happening worldwide there are two things I hope we can do to help rebalance the planet. One, share your love with your family, friends and strangers locally. Reach out, make someone’s day just by giving them a smile, a call or a meal. Two, keep traveling and keep tasting all this world has to offer. Travel to Paris, travel to the places you’ve dreamed about. They will welcome you with open arms and you’ll have memories for a lifetime. Do not let evil win. Do not trade evil for more evil. Explore the world, shine your light brightly for all to see and share your love with everyone you meet.

I leave you with the words of John Lennon:

Imagine all the world living life in peace
You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope some day you’ll join us
And the world can live as one

THE QUICK BITE: Share your love and travel. Our co-founder Sue Reddel shares her thoughts on Paris.


12 thoughts on “Pour Paris Avec Amour

  1. Thank you for writing this – a reminder that it takes more than one terrible act to destroy the spirit of a people or a place.

  2. Beautiful love letter to Paris, Sue, expressing eloquently the sentiments of so many frequent globe-trotters. Travel makes us better human beings, and we need to keep doing it!

    1. Thanks Anita. Keep on traveling hope our paths cross in real life one day. 😀

  3. Such heartfelt sentiments, and I share them. We must not let these terrible events make us forget that the greatest percentage of our world is good and beautiful. Unfortunately our instant, graphic, news media tends to overshadow the good that truly does still exist. Travel in peace and safety – but, still travel. Blessings ~ Ursula

    1. Thank you Ursula. There are many truly good people in the world. Hope are paths on the road intersect one day soon.

  4. Very nice post, thanks. This hit pretty close to home for us. Our daughter is engaged to a Parisian and is now in Paris reporting on the situation for ABC news. We certainly share in the hopes and prayers for peace for Paris and the world.

  5. Great ending, used that on my wedding day. Yes indeed travel with an open mind and heart

    1. Great minds think alike Noel! Thanks for stopping by.

    1. Totally agree Irene. Glad to have you amongst our traveling friends.

  6. Absolutely lovely comments. It’s amazing how such a sad, violent event can bring people together. Travelling is such an opportunity to connect with new people and see their country from a different perspective. I have always hated, for example, when people say the French are rude. I find them the most wonderful people, which is perhaps why I keep returning. When one tries a little to speak their language, doors open. Thank you for writing this post. We all need to keep travelling.

    1. Agreed Jan! I just don’t understand how people won’t learn just a little French before they go. It makes a world of difference. In fact, I’d say that it’s them that are rude for not trying to assimilate even just a little bit when traveling to someone else’s home. Thanks for stopping by.

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