Boating in Bodrum Turkey


Bodrum is a small port city on the southern coast of Turkey that offers a unique opportunity to rent a boat and sail for a day, a week or more. It requires a little planning but is well worth it for Food Travelists seeking a way to see the sights and experience some of Turkey’s true treasures.

Called Haicarnassus in ancient times, Bodrum housed the Mausoleum of Mausolus, which was one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World. Today it has a lot of restaurants and one of the largest marinas in the Aegean with docks for more than 500 boats.

Food Travelist Boating In Bodrum Gulets
Bodrum Gulets


Once you’ve plotted your course, your skipper and first mate will take good care of you.

Food Travelist Boating In Bodrum Skipper and First Mate
Skipper and First Mate


You’ll head out of the harbor and into the beautiful sea. You might even get the chance to drive the boat yourself. Before long it will be time for breakfast. You can enjoy Turkish tea or coffee and some cookies, biscuits and breads. You’ll find that the First Mate is also your onboard chef and personal server!

Food Travelist Boating In Bodrum Breakfast
Breakfast Onboard


You might sail by the Bodrum Castle officially the Castle of Saint Peter built by the Knights Hospitaller in 1402. Today it houses a fantastic museum of underwater archaeology with artifacts from excavations and shipwrecks.

Food Travelist Boating In Bodrum The Castle
The Bodrum Castle


Your captain can find you a nice little cove to park in to relax and drink some more Turkish tea. You can go for a swim in the relatively warm water and then sun yourself and catch a few rays.

Food Travelist Boating In Bodrum Swim And Lounge
Swim and lounge in a quiet cove


In case you’ve got a sweet tooth an ice cream boat may come by selling sweet frosty treats.

Food Travelist Boating In Bodrum Ice Cream Boat
Ice Cream Boat


But don’t spoil your appetite because your First Mate may be a pretty good cook. You can get fresh bread, salad and vegetables.

Food Travelist Boating In Bodrum Fresh Salad and Vegetables
Fresh Salad and Vegetables


And for the centerpiece, a fresh whole local fish, such as the Çipura (gilt-head bream) made right on the boat. You can then relax for awhile and go for another swim. Depending on the length of your gulet trip, you might head off to other areas and coves. Or, you can just relax for awhile before heading back.

There’s always room for a little fresh fruit, which tastes so great when you’re sunning yourself on a wooden boat floating peacefully on the sea.

Food Travelist Boating In Bodrum Fresh Fruit
A Little Fresh Fruit


And whenever you decide to head back, you can enjoy a beautiful Turkish sunset. What a great way to enjoy boating on a Gulet in Bodrum!

Food Travelist Boating In Bodrum Sunset
Bodrum Sunset


THE QUICK BITE: Renting a wooden boat called a Gulet in Bodrum offers a unique opportunity to experience some of Turkey’s true treasures and taste the local fare prepared onboard.


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