5 Tips for Healthy Travel Eating


You know how it is when you travel. You want to taste everything new and exciting. You want to try that five-star restaurant that is listed in the top 50 restaurants in the world. You want to try everything that you pass from a truck, stand, stall or market. That is, after all, why you are a Food Travelist!

However, too much of a good thing can be not such a good thing. Since we spend much of our time doing exactly what is listed above in our travel, we thought we’d share our list of top 5 tips to help you enjoy your travel eating without having it take a toll on your health.

Buffer The Buffets Healthy Travel Eating
Buffer The Buffets


1. Taste, Don’t Eat

If you’ve got several food stops planned each day during your travel, do your best to moderate the portions of food you are consuming at each stop. Split some dishes with a traveling companion, order a variety of appetizers and small plates rather than an entrée or take a few bites of each treat on your plate rather than eat all of everything every single time. Moderation is the key.

Get Active Travel
Get Active

2. Stay Physically Active

Be sure you get enough exercise during your travel. This doesn’t mean working out at the hotel gym, though you can if you like. Be the explorer you want to be. Walk around and see as much as you can. If you’re going somewhere that hiking or water sports or biking or other enjoyable physical pursuits are offered, go ahead and enjoy them. Even spending time wandering the local markets is time on your feet that is helpful. Find ways to integrate physical activity into your travel days.


Check Out The Local Markets
Find The Freshest Local Produce


3.  Check Out The Local Markets

Some countries have more natural bounty than others. But most places you visit will have markets that the locals go to get their fresh goods, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and such. See what the locals do and what new and interesting treats there are to try. Your first taste of fresh dragon fruit could be a revelation – and a healthy snack to enjoy rather than something packaged with preservatives. We travel so we can enjoy the tastes of travel. Make sure you take advantage of the healthy tastes around you.

Bring Your Own Snacks
Bring Your Own Snacks


4. Take Healthy Snacks With You

For those times when you may not be close to a market, or civilization for that matter, be sure to take your own healthy snacks with you. Make your own trail mix, take nutrition bars, dried fruits, nuts, kale chips – whatever you like to munch on – with you as you enjoy your journey. This will keep you from getting some grab and go prepackaged snacks that might be loaded with salt, sugar and preservatives. Be sure to check around the places you travel to see what healthy snacks are available. There might just be something you want to try that’s good for you.


Know When To Say When
Know When To Say When

5.  Watch Your Alcohol And Drink Lots Of Water

Some of us love the excitement of pairing wine or beer with our food. We love discovering new cocktails in exotic places too. Sometimes we forget that our bodies need to refresh and refuel in order able to do the things we want them to do. If you do like to imbibe, drinking enough water becomes even more important for you. Be sure to take clean, safe water with you wherever you go, whether you need to purchase it in a bottle or can use the local water to fill up your carrier. Invest in a travel water filter if you prefer not to buy plastic bottles or will be somewhere that the alternatives for obtaining clean water are slim. Be sure to intersperse your alcohol consumption with water. When you’re out and about, drink before you are thirsty, and remember that you probably lose more water than you think just wandering around.


Keep yourself fed, watered, rested, and exercised to make the most out of your trip. These are just a few of the tips we’ve used to keep our travels healthy and happy. Please let us know what tips you have as well.

THE QUICK BITE:  Travel is fun and exciting, but it can also sometimes be a challenge to keeping healthy. Balance is key, and we provide our 5 top tips for healthy travel eating to make your trip enjoyable.


26 thoughts on “5 Tips for Healthy Travel Eating

    1. Agreed! We often have a big breakfast and maybe a snack mid afternoon and then just hold out till dinner. Thanks for stopping by!

  1. When we eat out in our hometown (Philadelphia), we always bring home half our our entrees for another meal. On the road, this is usually impossible, so we need to remember to take your advice and order less—split an appetitzer/salad and an entree. I hate wasting food, so if we have too much on our plates and can’t keep it for later, I usually end up trying to force myself to finish. (I have a starving children PSA running on a loop in my mind). While a good breakfast is a good idea and is often included in the price of a room, one needs to also put a brake on consumption then—-you don’t have to have a full English breakfast every morning just because it’s there—-and breakfast pastry? —- share one of those. Like you, we love to walk everywhere when we’re traveling—-you miss too much underground on a metro—-so, when possible, we hoof it.

    1. Splitting food is always a great idea when you can. We often order appetizers and not entrees if the portions are going to be huge. We worry about wasting food too and are very conscientious to make sure that we don’t. Thanks for stopping by Suzanne.

  2. I so needed to read this post! Eating healthy is such a challenge for me while I’m traveling. These are some great ideas. I really need to exercise more at home and while traveling. I’m sure that I would have a lot more energy.

    1. We all have our our battles trying to stay fit. The more you move the more energy you will have that’s for sure. I find that even if I wake up a bit stiff if I take a quick walk or work in the garden I feel much better right away. Thanks for stopping by Michelle!

  3. Excellent tips!! It’s so hard though when everything tastes so good!

  4. Taste, don’t scarf! I should have this tattoo’ed somewhere as a reminder. My mouth is still hungry long after my stomach is full. 🙂

    1. LOL! It’s hard not to have just one more bite when it’s all so good. Thanks for stopping by Betsy!

  5. I always lose weight when on travels, as we explore each destination on foot – and usually a LOT on foot. Bringing your own snacks might work as a tourist (visiting for a limited time), but as a traveler you’ll run out eventually (or things like nuts and bars go stale). It’s certainly a good idea to always carry own water – then you can refresh whenever you need to and don’t rely on sweat soft drinks (often the only thing you can buy apart from beer in most destinations).

    1. The best way to stay fit and discover any destination is to walk, walk, walk, we completely agree! When we’re staying anywhere for an extended time our first stop is the local grocery store for basic snacks. It saves a ton of money and ensures you have what you want when you need it.

  6. Great tips. It is so easy to overdo food and drink while traveling. I also like to start the day with a healthy breakfast – oatmeal or yogurt, fruit and granola.

    1. Thanks Donna! They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day so best to start off right. Although, I have to admit that I’m a sucker for a really good croissant! Thanks for stopping by.

  7. So glad you made the remark about not buying bottled water. It is a HUGE pet peeve of mine, and I wish more people would stop to consider what they are doing when they buy yet another piece of plastic.

    1. Thanks Heather. Couldn’t agree more! I’m encouraged that I’m noticing more and more people bringing their own water bottles while traveling. There’s hope!

  8. Great tips! Sometimes it is so very hard to eat well while traveling…and being prepared with healthy snacks on hand is a huge help!

    1. Always having snacks on hand is my number one travel rule. I fed our whole group of 13 on my snacks on our recent trip to Cuba. They couldn’t stop thanking me. P.S. I might have to start a cottage industry of providing snacks on all group trips! LOL! Cheryl, thanks for stopping by.

  9. A timely post and a great reminder for us to remind ourselves to avoid eating like we’re on vacation! We much prefer slow travel and renting an apartment with a kitchen where we have more control over our food and can plan ahead to eat healthy. Then eating out and trying new foods and enticing places can be really appreciated rather than a guilty trip! Good tips! Anita

    1. Thanks Anita! I need daily reminding to not take that extra bite.

  10. I always feel that planning where to splurge helps. Most trips I do are active and I usually lose weight away from home & gain it back once I’m sitting in front of the computer. Great tips.

    1. Thanks Leigh! Often just exploring the places you go by walking is enough to keep the extra pounds away.

  11. You lost me at ‘watch your alcohol’! LOL

    1. Ha ha! I hear you Jane. If only we could practice what we preach! Thanks for stopping by.

  12. The buffet breakfast in hotels can be a real trap with all those pastries. I make the first run through and take only fruit. After I eat that, I go back through with a more discriminating eye and find that the pastries don’t look as alluring and the more substantial foods look better.

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