More Than One Way To Watch A Baseball Game in Busch Stadium


I was hosted by the Explore St. Louis on a recent trip to St. Louis. We were not financially compensated for this review. As always, the opinions shared are our own and reflect our experiences.

Baseball isn’t just the great American past time. It’s also an outing that most of us have enjoyed at some time in our lives. Whether going to a game with your Dad, watching games on TV or, as in my case, listening to the White Sox on a transistor radio with my Grandmother. Everyone in the U.S. seems to have a baseball story.

When I visited St. Louis I had the chance to take an insider’s tour of the St. Louis Cardinals Busch Stadium. Now, before you start asking which Chicago team I support and what about the rivalry between the Cubs and the Cards, let’s call a truce. At least stay calm for a minute or two and enjoy my view of one of the best ballparks in North America.

Busch Stadium

St. Louis Cardinals Stadium Front
St. Louis Cardinals Stadium


Located in the heart of downtown St. Louis, Busch Stadium was opened in 2006. The Cardinals also managed to win the World Series that very same year, the first team to win in an inaugural season of a brand new ballpark in almost 100 years.

St. Louis Cardinals Busch Stadium
St. Louis Cardinals Busch Stadium


The tour took us throughout the park, inside and out.


St. Louis Cardinals Busch Stadium on the field
St. Louis Cardinals Busch Stadium on the field


We even went into the Cardinals dugout and got a view right from the field. If you’re interested, anyone can purchase tickets to take the full tour and experience it for themselves. You can buy tickets on the Cardinals website.

St. Louis Cardinals Dugout
St. Louis Cardinals Dugout


Old World Series Posters
Old World Series Posters


There’s also quite a bit of nostalgia around the stadium too. You will find old game posters and all the Cardinal logos throughout the history of the club. Since I’m a bird fan and especially a friend to my little red birds I loved seeing them everywhere.


Cardinal Touches
Cardinal Touches


See The Game For Many Different Angles

One of the most fun things I learned while visiting Busch Stadium was how many different ways and places in and out of the stadium you could watch the game. Like many other major league baseball teams, the Cardinals’ ticket prices are set through a dynamic pricing system. This provides fans with many price options. The prices are adjusted based on who is playing, weather, ticket demand and team performance.


Cardinals Nations Rooftop Seating Cardinal Busch Stadium St. Louis
Cardinals Nations Rooftop Seating Cardinal Busch Stadium St. Louis


If you’re looking for a more intimate baseball experience you may want to check out the Cardinal Nation rooftop seating. Modeled after the rooftop seats outside of Wrigley Field in Chicago, these seats provide a view into the park and flexible seating. Drink and food packages are also available.

Left Field Porch St. Louis Cardinals Busch Stadium
Left Field Porch St. Louis Cardinals Busch Stadium


Inside the park, there are also many seating options. One of the places you can get a higher level look from is the Left Field Porch.

Eats in Busch Stadium

Of course, we had to check out the food at Busch Stadium. While you will most certainly can expect the traditional hot dogs and Cracker Jacks, you might be surprised to find much, much more. For example, the hot dog offered is the all beef Famous Nathan’s dog originally from Coney Island!

Nathan's Famous at St. Louis Cardinals Busch Stadium
Nathan’s Famous at St. Louis Cardinals Busch Stadium


From Bavarian pretzels, bratwurst, bratwurst wrapped in pretzel dough, corn dogs, hamburgers, Asian stir-fry, nachos, ice cream, and more, they really have it all.

Ball park snacks at Cardinals Busch Stadium
Ball park snacks at Cardinals Busch Stadium


Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream at Cardinals Busch Stadium
Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream at Cardinals Busch Stadium


Dinger’s donuts served in a St. Louis Cardinals helmet is one of the more unique and tasty treats you’ll find at Busch Stadium.

Dinger's Donuts Busch Stadium
Dinger’s Donuts Busch Stadium. Photo credit St. Louis Cardinals.


One of the many interesting food facts about Busch Stadium is that attendees can bring in their own food and beverages. There are many places in the Stadium to enjoy your own food. This certainly would reduce the cost of attending a game and make it much more affordable for families wishing to go to a game. There are limitations on cooler type and sizes but most food is allowed in. Alcoholic beverages and plastic containers larger than 2 liters are not allowed. No outside food is allowed in any of the suites of Cardinals Club and some other areas, so be sure to check before you head to the ballpark.


Watching The Game Outside the Park

Right next door to Busch Stadium in Ballpark Village. This unique location is a sports lover’s dream. From the Fox Sports Midwest Live central hall that houses jumbo screens for watching the game to the Cardinals Hall of Fame & Museum also located in the complex, this is certainly a lively gathering spot for every sports fan.


St. Louis Cardinals Ballpark Village
St. Louis Cardinals Ballpark Village


Giant platters of nachos served family-style is certainly one of the favorites at Ballpark Village.

FOX Sports Midwest Live Restaurant in Ballpark Village
FOX Sports Midwest Live Restaurant in Ballpark Village


While visiting St. Louis you must try one of their local specialties – fried ravioli. Lightly breaded ravioli filled with meats, cheeses, and spices then dipped in marinara sauce pair well with an ice cold beer.

Fried Ravioli at FOX Sports Midwest Restaurant in Ballpark Village
Fried Ravioli at FOX Sports Midwest Restaurant in Ballpark Village


If you’re looking for more of a meal the delicious classic burger was enough for even the heartiest appetite. Two large patties with all the fixings was easily one of the biggest burgers I’ve experienced.

Classic Burger at the FOX Sports Midwest Restaurant Ballpark Village
Classic Burger at the FOX Sports Midwest Restaurant Ballpark Village


If you’re looking for a sky view of the game head over to the rooftop of the Hilton across the street from Busch Stadium. Here you get a bird’s eye view as well as access to a full bar, fancy snacks, salads, shared and small plates and pizzas from The Three Sixty rooftop bar.


Rooftop at the Hilton at the Ballpark Downtown St. Louis

I was happy to see they carried my favorite vodka – Tito’s at the Hilton’s rooftop bar.

Cheers from the Hilton Rooftop St. Louis Downtown
Cheers from the Hilton Rooftop St. Louis Downtown


The Hilton at the Ballpark Downtown St. Louis also offers many different packages that include customized Cardinals rooms, tickets to the game and a view of the park from your room. You can find all the details on their website at

Cardinal Nation

If you’re a baseball fan to any degree the St. Louis Cardinals Busch Stadium and its Ballpark Village are well worth a visit. If you simply can’t decide what vantage point to watch the game from do what we did and try a few options. I even spied some Cubs fans during my visit, who had the courage to wear Cubs shirts. I met and talked to a lot of friendly people in and outside the park. They all had one thing in common – baseball. If you’re looking for a terrific sports experience with many seat, food and drink choices, Busch Stadium is for you.

For information check out their website


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32 thoughts on “More Than One Way To Watch A Baseball Game in Busch Stadium

  1. That’s so interesting that you can have many different seating options based on the price. My dad wants to go to a baseball game with me and my kids, but he’s in a wheelchair. We’ll have to find an MLB handicap package with good seats to go to.

  2. You’re right. You don’t have to be a baseball fan to appreciate the game. Most of us have memories of going to a game with family and friends. I know I would enjoy a visit to Busch Stadium and a chance to reflect on those great memories!

    1. Hi Marilyn! You really would enjoy the park and a game at Busch Stadium.

  3. Looks like there is so many great ways to watch baseball in St. Louis. I had heard good things about it before. But it looks awesome. I love all the angles. And its so nice that they allow you to bring food with you to the park.

    1. Hi David! It really is a full-service ball park. I too loved that they allowed folks to bring in their own foods. Works great for families or those with dietary restrictions. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I’m not much of a fan of baseball, or sports in general but I love the atmosphere of a game and how excited people get. On a side note, I don’t eat dairy or meat but those ravioli sound really good!

  5. Those dinger’s donuts look so good! YUMMY. I would love to visit St Louis. The stadium looks like a fun place too. I’ve never been there yet.

    1. Hi Paula! It sure is I hope you get to visit one day.

  6. Wow…this sounds like my husband’s dream! He’s an avid baseball fan…but would probably want to duplicate the experience at Dodger Stadium! I’ve actually never been to St. Louis, but the stadium sure seems to have the best view. And goodness…those Dinger’s Donuts look AMAZING! YUM! I’m not a sports-fan, but a few of those would sure lure me to the ballpark.

  7. What a fabulous outing! My husband is a HUGE baseball fan! He would have loved this experience. The history, the detail and the team are totally work the visit! Myself, I have only been to our local baseball stadium (Toronto Blue Jays). It was amazing, but more cookie cutter than your beautiful one!

  8. Growing up my family went to a lot of baseball games. We were lucky to live an hour away from Toronto. This made it easy for us to go to the Blue Jay home games. I love that Busch Stadium is located in the heart of downtown St. Louis. My kids have loved the few games we have been able to go see.

    1. Hi Ann! It’s still a great family outing. Especially at Busch Stadium.

  9. How fun! I had no idea that stadium was so pretty and big! Love that there are so many different food options, too. Although I am not a huge fan of baseball, I have to admit that I would like to go see a game here!

  10. I would be bored out of my mind watching an entire baseball game so it’s FANTASTIC to see all of the food options. I gained 5 pounds reading the post. Love the cardinals on the seats. Such grea photos.

    1. Thanks Vicki! I have a feeling even you wouldn’t be bored at Busch Stadium. Lots of fun and the people are just terrific. I had so many wonderful conversations there.

    1. Ballpark Village is open every day so no matter when you want to visit it’s a sports lover paradise.

  11. I’ve only been to one baseball game and that was to watch the Angels game years ago. I’m not a baseball fan but I would go just for the food! That’s me being honest so I do love that there are lots of options.

    1. That’s ok, Karyln! Food is high on our list too.

  12. I have never seen this stadium in person, we are Cubs fans, my husband grew up in Chicago. His dad passed away and the Cardinals stadium actually had a big billboard for his little brother to see memorializing their dad. Sounds like a great place to see a game. I would love to see it in person someday.

    1. Sounds like your family needs to go see a Cubbies game at Busch Stadium.

  13. I have got to get back to St. Louis. I haven’t ben there in about 10 years, but seeing this post makes me want to squeeze it in this summer. Ballpark Village looks like soooo much fun and the food looks amazing. You can just leave me at the Hilton Rooftop with a drink and I’ll be happy! 😉 What a view! Love it!

    1. It surprised me too Nancy! You’re right, that rooftop at the Hilton is hard to leave.

  14. Would you believe I have never watched baseball at a stadium? I guess you could say it’s not my thing! I wouldn’t mind meeting up with friends afterwards and eating some good grub though 😉

  15. This was an amazing review of the Busch Stadium. I bet its serious Cardinal Nation and pride there. I love this and Atlanta has a new baseball stadium for the Braves and now it makes me want to visit soon.

    1. Thanks so much Kiwi. Hope you get out to a game soon.

  16. Who knew there was more than one way to watch a baseball game. (Okay, two, if you count on the television.) We haven’t been to a baseball game in years, but you have me interested in going again.

  17. I attended my first baseball game in years earlier this month at Yankee Stadium. I have to admit, I was mostly interested in the peanuts and cracker jacks until the last inning when the Yankees (a team despised by most Philadelphians) came from behind to win. (Probably why we hate them. They always win). From the Food Travelist perspective, Busch Stadium look like a place you can go for the food, and possibly stay for the game. 😉

    1. Hi Suzanne, lots of controversy in baseball to be sure. I just enjoy having a hot dog, a beer and watching the game. Talking to the folks near by is always fun too.

  18. I’ve heard Bush Stadium is so nice and with the images you posted above, I would have to agree. I like how you can see the field at ever angle and the food looks delicious…..lord help me with that food…! I would love to take my entire family to see a game at their stadium!

  19. YUM, to Ben & Jerry’s! My favorite.
    Also, this is the most gorgeous stadium ever. It’s a foodie and a photographer’s dream, and I happen to be both! I love the view from the Rooftop Bar, and three cheers for favorite vodka drinks!
    (those french fries look so good and crisp)

    1. Sounds you would love Busch Stadium Tamara, hope you get a chance to visit some day.

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