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If you are a fan of avant-garde cuisine, where every dish will surprise your senses, stimulate your imagination, and dazzle your taste buds, then the spectacular experience offered by Le Chique restaurant in the “gourmet inclusive” Azul Sensatori Hotel by Karisma in Puerto Morales near Cancun, Mexico should be a must in your travel plans.

Disclaimer: We were invited guests of Azul Sensatori Hotel and Le Chique Restaurant. However, all opinions expressed are based on our own experiences.

Food Travelist Le Chique
Le Chique


The ingenious and delicious Author’s Menu at Le Chique created by Executive Chef Jonatan Gomez-Luna Torres plays hide-and-seek with your inner child while delighting your grown-up sensibilities about how fantastic a truly inventive menu can be. The menu can vary from 12 to 24 courses, depending upon whether you are staying at the resort and looking for the “inclusive” offering, want to expand to the extended menu or are staying elsewhere but dining at the adults-only restaurant. We were invited to experience Chef’s accomplishments, as Le Chique was being recognized with a rare AAA 5-Diamond Award.

Food Travelist AAA 5 Diamond Honors
Food Travelist AAA 5 Diamond Honors


Chef Jonatan is not new to cutting-edge world-class cuisine, having trained at some of the most notable chefs and restaurants in the world, including El Bulli’s Ferran Adria. But his heart belongs to his native Mexico, and the flavors, ingredients and sensibilities he brings to the table reflect this appreciation and insight.

Food Travelist Chef Jonatan
Chef Jonatan


There are so many deliciously unique elements to the Author’s dinner at Le Chique that we tasted, we could write our own book (and we wouldn’t even hide food in it, as was done for our meal).

Food Travelist Tasty Book Pages
Tasty Book Pages


But to give you just a sense of the fun and delightful nature of our experience, we will share a few of our favorites.

Food Travelist Intriguing Wine Table
Intriguing Wine Table


To begin the adventure, we were offered mescal, a Mexican alcoholic beverage made in Mexico. Adventurous as it sounds, the ground “cricket” dust on the side of the bowl added just the right saltiness to accentuate the handcrafted liquor. And we were off to a fiery good start.

Food Travelist Mezcal with Cricket Dust
Mezcal with Cricket Dust


Some of the fun of this trip into food wonderland came from the surprise elements. We were mesmerized by  the gin cloud, like a puff of cotton candy that when consumed in one bite squirted sweetened gin into your mouth like a grown-up carnival treat.

Food Travelist Eating a Gin Cloud
Eating a Gin Cloud


The mimetic pecan nut played hide and seek with us, as it took us a minute to determine which of the nuts in the bowl were actually made of foie gras and chocolate.

Food Travelist Mimetic Pecan Nut
Mimetic Pecan Nut


The large cherries on top of the Maraschino cherries are called Cherry Campari. They provide a delightful burst of flavor upon the first bite.

Food Travelist Cherry Campari
Cherry Campari


Not only does the food at Le Chique play tricks on your taste buds, it also provides a visual feast. Having a friend who handcrafted some of the serving dishes, Chef Jonatan enjoyed bringing the rustic appeal of nature to our table. From hollows that look like a good place for marrow

Food Travelist Delicious Hollow Log
Deliciously Hollow


to posts with “leafy” tacos

Food Travelist Leafy Taco de Hoja Santa
Leafy Taco de Hoja Santa


to fish nets filled with crispy fish rinds, the menu continued to surprise and intrigue us.

Food Travelist Fish Skin Caught in a Net
Fish Skin Caught in a Net


Roasted-looking mini-corn cobs on forks sticking up from burnt wood embers playfully teases your eyes and tongue at the same time.

Food Travelist Roasted Corn
Roasted Corn


As if there wasn’t enough to keep your mind reeling, the Kumamoto/Oyster Leaf/Ojo Rojo was literally rolling in fog!

Food Travelist Oysters in the Fog
Oysters in the Fog


When it’s time for the sweets, there’s more to your “lemon pie” than meets the eye, as the “lemon” is actually not a lemon, but cleverly detailed lemon ice inside a crusty lemon rind, all of which is edible.

Food Travelist A Lemon Surprise
A Lemon Surprise


The Azul Sensatori is a large, luxurious resort, well-appointed and with attentive service that you would expect from an establishment of this level.  The “gourmet inclusive” approach includes 6 restaurants including a Caribbean bistro, classic Mexican, global tapas, authentic Tuscan Italian and more. There are also swim-up bars, high-end lounges, beachside grill and cantinas and most anything you could want.

Food Travelist Gourmet Inclusive Azul Sensatori
Gourmet Inclusive Azul Sensatori


Regardless of where you find yourself in Mexico, if you’re looking for a truly unique and memorable dining experience, don’t hesitate to check out Le Chique. We understand the menu and, in fact, the decor are changing, so you might just see us there too when the new ambiance arrives!

THE QUICK BITE: If you are a fan of avant-garde cuisine, where every dish will surprise your senses, stimulate your imagination, and dazzle your taste buds, then the spectacular experience offered by Le Chique restaurant in the “gourmet inclusive” Azul Sensatori Hotel by Karisma in Puerto Morales near Cancun, Mexico should be a must in your travel plans.


13 thoughts on “Deliciously Unique Le Chique

  1. This brings back memories. We visited Azul Sensatori for the second time in October, and actually wrote a post about the Le Chique Experience. We sat on the Wine Table, and had the 22-course experience 🙂

  2. The natural elements in these presentations are just fascinating! Wow! This is taking things to an entirely new level. I’d love to try that mescal and the gin cloud? Whoaa, baby! Amazing.

  3. It has been so very long since I’ve been to Mexico, but I will be fixing that in early May, when I will return, with hope to experience the exquisite type of meal you shared with us here. On my numerous prior visits, the cuisine was fine, but rather ordinary. I’m ready to be blown away!

  4. That looks absolutely amazing! My sister and I are going to be in Cancun for a destination wedding in July and may have to go to this place. I don’t remember food of that quality – or amazing presentation – from my last time in the Cancun area about 7 years ago. Thanks for telling me about it!

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